Saturday, October 8, 2016

Somewhere out there

My husband and daughter are mocking me, sitting there on the other side of the couch snickering. "Wow, so early in the season." More giggles as I accidentally close my screen after finally finding the website with the live stats. I quietly fumble to get myself back together. I announce the score, and am not sure if I am supposed to pretend I don't see the exchanged smirks and glances. They can feign disinterest, but their curiosity will peak eventually.

College hockey season has started, and my son experiences some superfandom over it. I am barely even a casual observer of hockey, and haven't been to a game since I went to one in college. There are plenty of Sabres games viewed in our family room, but I admit to being barely able to keep track of the puck unless there is a slow motion replay. I did not tag along to any of the games last year, yet I do feel compelled to keep tabs on the RIT home games.
I know that is where my son is. I know when he and his friends are part of a roaring crowd as I see another goal scored. We send quick texts that serve as a kind of virtual high-five. Between periods I typically get some shorthand commentary. The other couch dwellers don't know that right now the score is 3-1 with RIT leading at the end of the first period. But I do, which means I also know there is a kid going bananas with his friends in the student section. I just got the "Holy poop!" text.

Remember An American Tail? Two mice, thousands of miles apart, comforted by the notion that they were looking at the same night sky? This is MY Mousekewitz moment of sorts. Go Tigers!

**Update: After score being 5-1, in a matter of four minutes, it is now 5-5. Almost the end of the second period and I just got the "I cannot even talk about it" text. Tune in with us...hahahahaha!

**Update: RIT lost 5-6...ouch. They are "fuming" and unhappy with the refs. However, he did get three more autographs. It helps to think we're sleeping underneath the same big sky.


  1. That was epic! You're one cool mom, and I'm sure your son would echo that sentiment. Go Tiger! and Go Tigers! hehehe

    1. I felt the action with the updates - sorry about the loss. I do wonder sometimes about the refs, they can have strong biases that interfere with doing their job.

  2. Now I can't get Linda Ronstadt's voice out of my head.

  3. I don't know nothin' about birthin' babies, Miss Scarlet! Or in my case, hockey!

  4. I don't understand hockey, but I think it's great that you take an interest so you can communicate better with your son. Sometimes I watch football with my son. I don't understand football, either.