Tuesday, October 11, 2016

random rant, I guess

I just started pretending to enjoy candy corn a few years ago. The husband likes to dabble in a bowl of seasonal waxy goodness, and I have issues with not partaking in candy bowl treats. As a kid, I wanted to want to eat those fun pumpkin shapes, but just could not commit to that big of a mouthful of yuck. I respect candy corn and its harvest mix friend's place in seasonal confectionery offerings, because the colors and shapes are second to none. However, I refuse to see any purpose in the Easter candy corn. Now I see that the corn has become just another food item facing an identity crisis. Perhaps this is just a way for people to admit that candy corn flavored candy corn is kind of gross, so let's make new flavors. Does anyone really need permission to eat candy for breakfast?
Oh, sorry, I guess candy for brunch is far more acceptable. Now we can all be like Violet Beauregarde and have our meal in a Wonka-like piece of candy! (I hope nobody turns pink from the waffles and strawberry.) I am not buying it...literally, not buying it. (You can probably guess my thoughts on the new candy corn Oreos I saw. Just stop.)


  1. I'm on the bandwagon, I'll even drive while you stand with the megaphone and rant!

    Today, at 10am, while waiting for a bus, standing next to me was a "thing" (no other way to describer her) a breeder no less, with two, yes two, children. One in a stroller, the other about 4.

    The 4 year old was eating Ketchup Chips. That's right - chips for breakfast - all the while her parental unit was busy texting... and texting... and texting.

    When the bus arrived she DID NOT look up until the doors opened and then DID NOT look back at the little girl while she pushed the stroller on the bus while still texting.

    I wanted to scream. Not only because of the chips but because this "thing" should not be allowed to procreate if this is how she pays attention to her kids. SO SAD!

    And I bet candy corn is on her shopping list.

  2. Brunch flavoured candy corn? BLECH! OMG that's so gross. I don't even like regular candy corn but I used to when I was younger. If I buy it now it's for crafting purposes.

    1. Okay, I laughed out loud when I read your comment, JoJo. I'm trying to do a visual on crafting with candy corn. :) :)

  3. I can't stand candy corn and these new flavors won't get me to try them either.

  4. I like the candy corn/MnM/peanut mixture. I can't eat the pumpkin ones for the exact reason you just described.

    I will, however, eat a Snicker bar for breakfast if not held in check.


  5. I saw the candy corn Oreos in Target. No way. Of course, I don't buy the regular Oreos, either, but that's because I am an Oreo addict. There. I've said it. The truth will out. If I open a package of Oreos, I'll end up in Oreo rehab. It's not pretty in Oreo rehab. I don't like candy corn. I have a glass pumpkin-shaped jar. The candy pumpkins look pretty in it, but if I buy them, I'll eat them. Why can't food that's good for me look pretty in the pumpkin-shaped jar? I wonder how Oreos would look in the pumpkin-shaped jar . . . oh the shame of addiction.