Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Random relics

Oh, hi! Nice to see you. Let me just finish up these dishes from 1975.
I don't know what I loved more, doing the dishes at my grandparents' house, or wearing that dress. Difficult to say. That wallpaper certainly brings back memories. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you I had a story about baked potatoes? Of course you do, and that reason alone may be why you've come back. Well, today is the day!

When I was a kid, my grandmother had a special way of making baked potatoes. I assumed she had gotten her potato hardware from a fancy chef supply store.
It wasn't until decades later that I realized these were just nails, as opposed to potato nails. Sigh...like seeing Oz behind the curtain. I can't say that I remember the potatoes being cooked any better than what I have achieved without a trip to Home Depot. I do remember there being a brown spot through the well-cooked middle, thanks to the hot metal, of each potato. I probably moved that around my plate for awhile.

Truth be told, I have never really had a difficult time getting my baked potato centers to the desired doneness. Of course now that I am in possession of these high quality kitchen tools, some experimenting is called for. Must add sour cream to the grocery list! 


  1. The Irish do this a bit differently. Danny is hoarding a potato in his bedroom for some sort of project. If I find nails, I'll know he's secretly yours.

  2. She cooked potatoes with nails in them? What does it do?

    1. I think it was supposed to help them heat more evenly, but also gave you a fun hot handle to grab them with... that had to be taken out!

  3. love this story. I did baked potatoes the other day and my husband asked if I used a nail in them. He must have the same down home "recipe".

  4. I've never heard of this trick, but I'll ask my Irish grandmother about it. Such a cute photo of you! :)

  5. You were adorable and you still are. I know it.


  6. Potato nails...I love it! Very cute picture that clearly captured a great memory for you.

  7. Umh, you've got the nail in wrong, should be lengthwise, yes it makes a difference. From the Irish? Makes sense as the nails were provided by Uncle Don, who was very Irish.