Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Random Aging of the Creepy...

Now seems like a time when we could all use a little joy...
...but just a bit of joy. Absolutely not ULTRA-joy, that would be far too much, "non-ultra" is more like it.

Speaking of joy, autumn is here! Let's take a moment to reminisce about some of the creepy monkeys who have graced this blog. (Yes, I was going to link to the post each one appeared in, but that is hard work, and were you really going to do all of that clicking anyway?) They typically grace the pages of my coupon circular in the fall, no doubt in anticipation of my October birthday. Without further ado, and in no particular order... 
Little LuLu with her real mohair and terrifying poseable limbs
TuTu Cute from the Cuddle Toes collection...swoon
Oh, that hand-applied hair
Balika, most definitely not a toy
Eloise...amazingly real...if E.T. and a chimp mated
Fiona, back off a little. Frankie is  just not that into you
I'll give you a second to pull yourself together. Have a piece of candy to calm yourself if you need it...
What's the real reason we had to revisit all of those past creepy monkeys? I guess I was just feeling nostalgic...you know thinking back to when they were babies, possibly considering my own age and reluctance to grow up. And why was I feeling those wisps, like the hand applied hair on a baby creepy monkey? Perhaps it is because I was minding my own business on Sunday, just looking for a Cheerios coupon when my eyes were assaulted by...
This awkward teen monkey may have the "fastest bananas in the west", but no, just no.


  1. I will have nightmares about those monkeys.
    And liquid Joy reminds me of my childhood.

  2. These monkeys reminded me that as a kid, I had nightmares about the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. True story. To me, these creepy monkey are worse than clowns!

  3. Where in the world do you find those creepy monkey ads?

  4. I'm so disturbed words escape me.....

  5. Oh wow! I don't think I've ever seen a single creepy monkey ad 'til now. It looks like I've been missing out!

  6. I come to visit and I feel like I've been gone a decade. That monkey business is downright creepy.