Friday, September 23, 2016

Fri 'do

Today's question? How do we feel about my bangs?
You mean that you think you have them at all?
I am referring to the windswept, carefree wisps moving off to the left there, as opposed to the wayward Alfalfa sprouting up on the right. I mean, obviously I can carry off either look, but wanted to clarify.


  1. You are adorable no matter what sweet Foz! <3

  2. Foz, I'm surprised you have not been approached by Vidal Sassoon for his next ad campaign. You have the most beautiful precision haircut. You look fab!

  3. Foz, you don't have nearly enough food packed in your facial fuzz. You are an amateur. No human is happy until you have at least 16 oz of crusted crap buried in your face. Get busy. I do love your bangs though. I'm not allowed bangs. Only eyebrows.