Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All is not Fair in love* and Random

* I really have nothing to say about love for this particular post, but am seriously running low on random blog titles.

I am pretty low on sleep these days, but luckily there is nervous energy to keep me awake and moving. Nothing in particular, just a steady hum. It is back to school eve, and my daughter starts her junior year tomorrow. Seems to me that junior year can also be called the "you can't pretend it's not happening" year. Maybe there is some comfort in calling things as they are...
...whether appealing or not? This product name seems sad for cheese, but perhaps well suited for a less than reputable online dating site.

Let's move on to the Fair! This year's sand sculpture was a tribute to the grandstand (that they tore down) and saluted acts that appeared there over the years. I may not be a Belieber, but could not believe someone destroyed such work! It is too late now to say "sorry".

The boy came home from school to reach for the food goals he read about earlier in the summer. First stop was the bacon dipped in chocolate and rolled in Butterfinger. He said it was good, and I took his word for it.

I did share my maple cotton candy...

This was the main event though...
Got all that?! Here it is in real life...
Each part was delicious, but putting everything between the bread and calling it a sandwich was a bit of a miss. Plus, there was no picking it up to enjoy. It might have worked better on a plate with a knife, fork and gravy!

I have no photo of the Twinx because I could not bring myself to order it - a bacon wrapped Twix shoved into a Twinkie that then was deep fried. Truth be told? Minus the bacon, I might have been in.

Well, that was a lot to digest, so I am going to go grab a glass of water and check back in with you in a few days.


  1. Blog titles are hard man.
    A blog title writer should be a thing.

  2. Oh, those imitation singles! Twinx? I've never heard of this, but I most likely would have tried it BECAUSE of the bacon. ..


  3. I don't know....there seems to be some bacon and sugar love on this post! ;P

  4. We have a candy store in town that makes lots of stuff out of bacon and out of jalapeno peppers. But it's Texas.

  5. That's a serious burger! I would imagine it was a mess to eat though, esp. walking around! Maple cotton candy? How sweet is it?