Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Continuing with the RaNdOm

Oh, hey! Thanks for stopping by, let's see what I can offer you from the photos on my phone this week...

I found this telephone and sign to be such a funny thing, but am having a hard time putting into words exactly why. Of course, that is not going to stop me from trying! Friends at the one-day surgery center, back off, as this is a family matter...
It also may not be for you, so don't make things awkward. Was nobody answering the phone before the sign went up because permission had not been formally granted? Don't just look around at the corners of the room, not making eye contact, because you don't want to hog the thrill of picking up that funky fun phone. Remember though, to only answer it "if it rings". And what if THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE?!?!? And now I have the Wonder Pets theme song in my head!

I do not know what the hell happened to the sale price tagger in Target this past weekend causing him/her (seriously, do we have to debate which gender would leave this mess) to flee the scene, leaving it in such disarray...
"Can't. Take. Pressure. Too. Many. Signs." Maybe that employee should have grabbed a Snickers, from right there in the snack aisle, to tame the hunger issue?

Lower your expectations on this option though...

The Reese's Pieces Big Cup. Do you already see some slight disappointment in that photo? Yes, it was delicious, as far as a Reese's peanut butter cup goes, but I needed MORE! I had been hiding this package in my sock drawer for back to school time, and instead of an uplifting party in my mouth with mini Reese's pieces guests, I got shell fragments.

Speaking of snacks, please stop trying to make watermelons out to be a personal serving kind of thing.


  1. I am laughing. Great observations

  2. Wow you sure encountered some weird stuff in your travels. lol When I was in the Timberline Lodge I took a picture of a wall phone and sign that said HOUSE PHONE. Since I was in the hotel used for the exterior shots of The Shining, I couldn't resist. "Your money's no good here Mr. Torrence. Orders from The House." lol

  3. What if more than one family is there? Do they fight over which one answers the phone? Is there a party line?


  4. I was totally going to answer that phone until you brought the STRANGER DANGER into it! Funny, funny schtuff. I love that you found more single-serve watermelon. =D


  5. My first thought with the Target sale tags was that an unsupervised kid must have gone through that aisle.

    And the spoons enclosed with the watermelon is just too damn funny. Love it!