Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Right to the Random

Let's just get right down to this before I run out of steam or get distracted by something dusty. (Seriously, this place needs to be cleaned so badly, there is nothing shiny.) So we were away, and despite having a bit of vacation brain, luckily my son and I both realized that there was a chance fanny packs had really not made a comeback in the real world AND even if the rage was coming, this was still not a bargain.
Rule #1 of road trips, pack good snacks. I blame the heat for my blatant rule breaking and the fact that this was all I was able to forage the night both kids needed something chocolate!
Hmm, they might have each gotten two chocolate covered almonds if I hadn't eaten one, and thank goodness for that leftover cookie from the car ride. I am sure you can imagine the gratitude received when I appeared with this offering! Points for presentation and fine knife skills?

Somehow I let the coupon fliers back up to the point where some had expired. Lo and behold, there were some gems to be found though!

Perhaps as a prelude to creepy monkey season (fingers crossed that it is coming again soon), the Hamilton Collection has sent the "long paw of the law" to keep us in line.
As if anyone needed ideas of ways to make Chihuahuas look more dapper when they dress them up. Just, no.

Yes, there are worse things Rizzo could do...
...like be a Precious Moments figurine. I know Rizzo had a less often seen, softer side, but for reals? I can't even see her hickey!

And now...finally, FINALLY...
What? Oreo Churros? Why? Who was waiting for this? Who was thinking "You know how I love to eat some Oreos right out of the cupboard, so yummy, so convenient! Well what if I had to get them out of the freezer and do something to prepare them first? Wouldn't that just add a ton of fun to my desperate snacking?" Apparently the current flavor sensation overload and identity crisis (I'm looking at you red velvet) Oreo is undergoing cannot be confined to the snack aisle and they must spill over into the frozen section. (No offense to you cookies and cream ice cream.)

Time to tame the dust bunnies!


  1. That is the most expensive fanny pack I have ever seen.

  2. Thirty-nine dollars! Were they real leather or genuine simulated leather? Not that I want a fanny pack. I must carry a book with me, so I need to keep my messenger bag. I must avoid Oreos in any form. I have a dangerous addiction to anything Oreo.


  3. random dust bunnies. If you close the drapes, you won't see them. I admit to Oreo purist - I just want the old original.

  4. I think I still have my fanny pack somewhere if you want to borrow it. And that little Chihuahua is probably lookin' for the man who shot his paw! I finally got used to Rizzo being Alicia Florrick's mom on The Good Wife, and the show is now over. But a precious moments? Dear God, no. I got nothin' for the oreos...


  5. The hickey from Kenickie. hahahahaha