Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reclaimed random

If you were here yesterday, you'll be happy to know that Foz was running around like a happy lunatic earlier today. Don't worry, he quickly saw the error of his ways and got back to his business of brooding and sulking. And now,  perhaps, we can get back to the random...

You can get a vibe about a company from their publicity materials, and you can tell how important the door-to-door salesperson is based on the line they gave him to write his name on.
Clearly Terminex has great attention to detail, specifically to the three actual words printed on the card. Two out of three ain't bad, right?

Just a toad, hanging out, admiring his shadow.

Cheese is appetizing with all of its gooey splendor! Crumbly, sharp, or any other number of words. But this?
 "Liquid Gold"? Ew. (Don't get me wrong, I still cut that coupon.)

Speaking of ew, am I supposed to believe that the King is an expert at dabbling in food fusion?
 "Whopperito"? Vomarrhea!

Pumpkin Spice, stop trying to fit in everywhere!

New age water? Is that from new age faucets?
And is the bottled versus boxed tea distinction really necessary? Does the coffee aisle say "bagged tea" even though it actually comes in a box? I thought the new age thing was so funny and unique to the store I was at, until I saw this at a different store... there is a whole line of new aged beverages? I feel so old!


  1. With some proper cropping, the frog photo is a winner!!

  2. That business card is just so sad. How did they not catch that?

  3. You should call them up and tell them Manager is spelled wrong. Unless Kyle really is building bug free mangers in people's yards.

  4. everything old is new again....and pumpkin spiced. Excellent random observations

  5. Yes! Where is the old-age water? What about fountain-of-youth water? Slackers!!! I noticed the AARP symbol underneath the Whopperrito. Are they trying to kill all the old people??

  6. New Age Beverages? WTH? I don't think Alabama rednecks would buy that. I'm going to see if I can find that at Whole Foods....