Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A rose by any other random name...

I don't actually know of many other names for roses, but as I have mentioned before, coming up with titles for posts sometimes can take me longer than actually writing anything else. Let's not get ourselves into a thorny situation over the whole thing. See what I did there? Trying to bring it all together. Make sense? What about scents? Let's talk about beans! (Did you follow that thought process?)

I do not like lima beans. They appear harmless enough, but have been known to mess up a perfectly good bag of mixed vegetables. I was not a fan of baked beans when I was a kid due to a texture issue. (Can we agree right now to not use the phrase "mouthfeel"? Ew.) Anyway, much like how I have developed a taste for chocolate frosting, (or really nothing like that, because who seriously compares beans to frosting?) a wide variety of baked beans have found their way into my heart (beans are good for it I hear). One of my favorite recipes calls for an assortment of canned beans: kidney, black, navy, butter. There are not many butter beans in each can, so they are sort of a treasure in the mix. Yum. I did a double take at the grocery store yesterday when I saw these on the shelf...
See that smaller print? "Large lima beans". Oh. Hell. No. Don't you try to insinuate that those delightful yellowish beans are actually pastel green lima beans in disguise. You look pretty smug there little boy with your hands in your pockets and eyeballs mid roll - as if you know you have the potential to spoil this for me.

Remember that fanny pack sighting in August? That was one of the first times I had seen a fanny pack displayed prominently on a store shelf since the nineties. I thought they were basically just dirty little secret relics that everyone had stashed away in their closets in case of garage sales, or other plausible and practical excuses. "Fanny pack" - just funny, at least to my inner seven year old. (I found Fannie Flagg's name hilarious when I actually was seven.) Not quite as catchy, or amusing, but I suppose this does capture the utilitarian nature of the product...
It's 2016, so go grab yourself a Double Zip Waist Pack! (Not quite the same ring to it, right?)


  1. I think that double zip waist bag can be used in many things. We want to eat healthy meals. It can be any form.

  2. I remember in the 80s my cousin was enamored of fanny packs. She asked me what I thought and I told her they were the ugliest thing ever and I'd never be caught dead wearing one. After she left my mom chastised me for my reaction cause apparently that's what my cousin was gonna get me for Christmas. I was like, 'hey, she asked my opinion and I gave it. Did you want me to lie and say they were great?'

    I used to like lima beans but not so much anymore but I do love baked beans.

  3. the day I left home I vowed to never look at a lima bean again. My mother was a big fan. Ugh

  4. Oh, don't worry about it....those butterbeans simply self-identify as large lima beans!