Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Random tid-bits

Most of the photos on my phone are of Fozzie this week. However, since he took over my Tuesday space last week, (there was some Wednesday random) he is not invited today.
How rude!
So let's see what else we have...
Oh those cartoon ladies at the movies and their troubles. I believe the claim is for "everything in between". I'd like to dispute that, but not re-enact it.

I feel like such a poser when I wear yoga pants for the simple reason that I am never doing yoga at the time. Imagine my relief when I saw this new category of clothing...
...for the leisurely athlete! The comfort of workout clothes without any pressure to actually exercise.

The coupon section can't always be about creepy monkeys. The terror has to be shared amongst other categories. Just leave his freakishly widespread eyebrows alone and focus on the message of this one.
This figurine can make your dreams come true - just like having your own actual grandson would. My husband and I spent actual minutes when he was leaving for work trying to decipher the intended meaning of the message on the left and THAT is what we came up with. On the right, I was alerted to the possibility that my mother might actually be using words like "dashing and debonair" to describe my son. Then I recalled the photo he sent me the other night while he was eating dinner...
...he found something almost as redundant as putting stuffing on a sandwich. My prince.


  1. You were at Marshall's too? I didn't see you!!! I was totally scoping the Athleisure as well. OMG the mac-n-cheese sandwich...

    Gotta try one!!


  2. I just don't understand the Disney Princess thing. Is it for grandmothers of hipster millennials who are disappointed in their grandsons? I mean, have you ever even MET a grandmother disappointed in her grandson (unless he's in the slammer or something).

    Athleisure! That's *me* I love it, hahaha so funny. We can walk proudly in public knowing that we aren't posers. Those Yoga Barbies are the posers now! Yeah! I went there!!!

    I think it's time for a Fonzie guest post. Yep, it's time!



  3. anything to be Sporty Spice - maybe we could sing too. Ha. Gotta love what young men will eat. Very funny!

  4. Hey I like stuffing on sandwiches! lolol That figurine looks like Peter Brady.