Tuesday, September 13, 2016

He interrupts this random...

Foz, this is not your day!

You can say that again!

No, I mean this is not your day, as in, scram!

I refuse to wait any longer to air my grievance.

You have a complaint? How unusual, but you look so nice after your trip to the...

Well, need I remind you of what you looked like before you went?
Go ahead, laugh it up, but I demand some sympathy. I heard HER side of the story, but you have to listen to mine.

Go on...

Well, I had been patiently allowing the groomer to touch my gorgeous coat. She was using her fancy buzzer machine, and we were both trying not to look at each other as she approached my backside. The whole thing was getting rather exhausting...for me. I tried to convey how tired I was as best I could, but then decided to just sit down - on the buzzing thing. My parts! My blood!

Ok, while your side of the story does add a new level of pathetic to the ordeal, The groomer said it was no big deal.

Well of course, not for HER! It was MY manhood that suffered.

Foz, you are afraid of everything and I am not sure you had any manhood going into that appointment.

Way to hit me when I'm down. I'll just be here waiting for sympathy.


  1. Foz looks gorgeous.
    Don't tell him I said so. That was more for you.

  2. Foz is sooooo cute and funny. He's all, 'Le sigh'.

  3. Oh, Foz, you have my sympathy. But you do look very nice.

  4. Poor Foz! Eddie trembles like he has a thousand tiny earthquakes going on in his little body when I drop him off at the groomer. But he is always full of piss and vinegar when I pick him up! Strutting around like he owns the world, which he does. Fozzie! You must take advantage of this opportunity to rule the world!