Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 26 - Did you miss your fix?

After a one week hiatus, explained by several poor excuses, the contest lives on! Are you busy trying to find your kitchen counter after the holiday? Are you trying desperately to bust some clutter before the next wave of decorations come out? Let's celebrate the glory of housework with Swiffer this week!

June 30, 2014

Dear Swifferific Folks,

I do not like to dust.
I do not like to sweep.
Mopping alone,
Makes me want to weep.

The dust it flies.
The crumbs can’t be tamed.
Company is coming!
I must not be shamed!

But where is the glamour?
Where is the flair?
“In a secret box” you say,
Oh please, do share.

Cloths? 360s?
Opinions are differing.
But one thing’s for sure…
I’m not dusting – I’m SWIFFERING!

Thank you for saving me from the doldrums of housework, wayward dust particles, uncooperative dustpans and drippy mop water. I no longer have to use such sad words like dust, sweep or mop when I can say “I’m Swiffering!” and leave a little mystery surrounding exactly what I am up to.

Andrea a.k.a. Pedomemom
Mother, blogger, keeper of the house

p.s. Such a great alternative to getting the edges of my cape dirty! Thanks for the return tweet on that one, by the way. It made my day!

Did they respond? Why yes, they did, in standard form letter style. The catch is that I cannot find the letter! Come on, don't be like that. My very fancy documentation system (a.k.a. yellow legal pad - see "legal") has a distinct "x" marked under the letter received column. Plus, I may recall being a little sad that there was no coupon included. So I will just take my one point and Swiffer off!

Current point total = 55

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  1. I love Swiffer, but they should have sent you a coupon for that great letter.


  2. They should have sent one of those huge boxes of Swiffer stuff directly to your door, pronto! A form letter for such awesomeness is unforgivable!