Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Random excuses...

Let's see, where to begin...seems I may have neglected to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, so now that there is barely a smear of cranberry sauce or crumb of stuffing left, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. 

That covers Thursday, now as for Friday and the contest? Marianne might've requested that we take the week off, but my intent was to ambush her while she was still doing the backfloat in the gravy boat. Well, I was so prepared to travel that I loaded my letter up ahead of time, but forgot to take a picture of the response. In case that wasn't reason enough to not post, I actually had no idea it was Friday in that tryptophan haze until I woke up on Saturday. I can't even blame the trip into Manhattan on Black Friday for my distraction as we kept it simple and sane, just wandering on the fringes of the madness. 

Moving on...I did lose my voice somewhere in the festivities though, and apparently that rendered me unable to post on Sunday. I do understand that I should have still been able to type, but this is the excuse I am offering so can we just go with it? There is a rumor going around that yesterday was Monday, so I have no choice but to believe that this is in fact Tuesday. Let's do a little random check in on the Flats...

We packed up to head into the eye of the latest snowstorm. The Flats were so worried about the forecast that they forgot to pack sensible clothing. One of them even left in what might have been her party outfit from the night before (ahem). The pilgrims would have been so taken aback.
Even Flats have dreams, and occasionally get to live them out in an actual dream house. Yeah, that's right, move over Barbie cuz someone else is riding that elevator now!
My little princess niece was very pleased to meet these new friends, but thought showers were needed.
After dinner, my stepmother found some festive fabric so the Flats could be more appropriately dressed for dessert.
Lillian's pantsuit is rockin' and what doesn't go with green boots, I tell ya - so versatile! Just for the record, Kari was provided some fancy fashion flair for the Christmas season that she wore home. (I was slightly relieved to see another adult fall victim to the fun of the Flats.) I only hope the "ladies" can resist the magnetism of the elf on the shelf...stay tuned!

That's all for now, as I guess this place isn't going to decorate itself...rats!

Stacy Uncorked


  1. This is hilarious. I am laughing and laughing. That first picture of your niece staring at the flats as they take over Barbie's house is going to keep me giggling for days.

    I want that pantsuit...when are you learning to sew???

  2. I can handle the flats but not the elf. Noooooo not the elf

  3. The Flats are troublemakers, I see. Poor Barbie didn't know what hit her!

    Was that a pecan pie I saw up there? Was it delicious? I did not get to have any pecan pie this Thanksgiving, so now I have Pie Envy.

  4. I guess I didn't comment three years ago! I miss our adventures. Also, my dream house is very similar to that one up there.