Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Random eve

Are we ready for the holidays here at our house? Well, I don't want to be showy, but two bathrooms are clean...granted that is out of three, but I didn't want to seem braggy. I mean look at all of the food that was in my refrigerator the other day...
Apples are totally carvable! Well, unless these are from the recently publicized listeria tainted batch. Despite having already eaten nine of them (don't judge, I did not consume a single one by myself at any one sitting) with no issue, the rest are waiting in the produce drawer until my neurosis passes  the brands involved are confirmed.

Maybe I should've hired a feline personal chef for the holidays.
Instead, I am here with the Foz, who can't even find his way into, let alone out of, a hat! To be fair, it was a little small...
...so he passed it on to his friend Fitz, who clearly LOVES it!

Speaking of hats, here is Paddington tipping his.
Holy crap! Who creeped up Paddington?!?!?! I will not look after THAT bear.

Well I am feeling pretty on top of things and organized. I found the dining room table as well as most of the kitchen counter. As usual, I imagine that can mean only one thing...I have forgotten something major!

Be good to yourself, eat many cookies, sneak in one more latke, and have yourself a merry little Christmas and Happy Hannukah (with your choice of spelling).


  1. Oh my. Eating those apples would totally be worth a little listeria. Happy happy, merry merry to you and yours!!!

  2. Merry Christmas! I hadn't heard about the listeria apples. I have a drawer full of Fujis in the fridge for an apple crisp. Here's hoping they won't make us all sick!

    1. It was prepackaged caramel apples...you should be good to go!

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  4. Your post made me laugh - I like laughing - so thanks!
    That hat on the cat was just too funny.
    I hope you had a Merry Christmas - and I wish you, and yours, a very Happy New Year.

  5. Hats on felines is always funny. I hope that you and your wonderful family had a listeria free holiday full of great food and lots of fun!

  6. Love the hat! Did you find one to fit Fozzie?

  7. I am so behind on my blog reading.....I am so glad we became friends in 2014.