Friday, July 25, 2014

This is Great - It's Week 8

Envelopes at the ready, let's see what this week has in store. How about some love, in the form of a letter, for in Trader Joe.

Dearest Joe,

I am so happy when I am with you. I can feel my spirits soar when I grab my fanciful reusable bags from the back of the van and practically skip to your door. You always greet me with flowers, and I find that charming. My favorite visits are when I can just relax and take in all that you have to offer. It makes me feel anxious when I have to share you with too many people, as I feel rushed and fear I may miss something fabulous. Sometimes I make a list of all the things I want from you, and other times I am simply curious and open to whatever you have in mind.

I am allured by your persona as an international man of mystery. I never know who I'll be dining with! Trader Ming can be such a spicy little number with his Kung Pao and Pad Thai (both ready to go in under three minutes). While Trader Giotto brings his old world comfort with bruschetta and pesto. Trader Jose won everyone over with beef taquitos.

Sure it has all been wonderful. Your sweet side has even kept my husband tolerant of our relationship. The thing is...well the thing is that this long distance relationship is wearing me down. It has been months, MONTHS! For years I had to plan a visit with you when we drove the four hours downstate to visit our family. You were only five minutes from their house, so there were times I was able to indulge myself with multiple meetings. I have also been lucky enough to visit you on our annual summer trips to Cape Cod. Things were really looking up last year when you started hanging around in Rochester. Oh Joe, it was so magnificent being able to drive only an hour to spend my birthday with you in October. Still, I was selfish and wanted you closer. Instead, you set your sights on Buffalo. Granted, my in-laws are there, so I can try to fit you in on those travels, but now I have to deal with my longing as well as insane jealousy.

There is a drawer in our dining room where I have been known to hide away secret treasures. Not long ago I opened it to find one last love note in the form of a dark chocolate caramel with black sea salt bar. Oh the memories! I remember my first time as I tried to neatly break the bar on the lines that had been drawn, but as the caramel dripped I was forced to just continue eating. I shared bars with friends and family as gifts, as that is how special they became to me. There have been stressful times and celebratory times that have warranted a gentle tearing of the foil. 

I just felt so empty when I opened my freezer and pantry closet the other day. There was just no sign of you. It had been too long. As I thought of your bright colored Hawaiian shirts, I suddenly remembered that exotic Hawaiian black sea salt. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I carefully opened the box and pulled back the foil. With great precision, I broke off a square, knowing I could not hastily devour the entire bar. As I closed my eyes and prepared to savor the moment, something was different. Something was missing. I tried to tell myself that my memories had just been altered by time, but I knew better. The next day, I tried again with the same results. When I took the time to peel back the rest of the foil on the bar, (nobody else was home, so there was no threat of having to share) I realized there were only two grains of salt. I don't know how this happened, nor when I will be able to procure another. Please Joe, please help me hang on to the incredible things we/you have.

Longing to hear that bell ring,

Andrea Casarsa

The response? Well, I did not hear from Joe himself. Apparently he does have other women, and a very nice one wrote back to me. Here is an excerpt...

About a week after I received this lettter back in  January, I saw the plans for a Trader Joe's to open about fifteen miles from our house. Coincidence? I like to think not. The store is now set to open October third, so that is like twenty-five points for me, right? I sense some hesitation, so I will take my one point for now, and save the other twenty-four for when the grand opening signs carry my name at the bottom.

Current score...22 points
Check in with Marianne to see what's up over there!


  1. You are so powerful! That SHOULD get you 25 points. And it's nice that they actually read the letter and responded to what you said. Boo to not sending any chocolate, though.

  2. I haven't been to a Joe's since I lived in CA in the 90s, despite one being near where I worked in Tacoma. It's the crowds that put me off it. There's one in Hyannis too but again, horrid crowds and traffic.

    Looking up the email address of Trader Joes.......

  4. Will you please get a Trader Joe's for me? The Hurricane shops at one in California. Your letter is brilliant. So glad your wish will come true. Obviously, when you speak, Joe listens.


  5. I bow down to you, oh powerful one.

    That letter was freaking fantastic and what good sports they are to send you a reply. You truly rock, Mrs Casarsa.

  6. They should at least give you a free bottle of Two-Buck-Chuck for helping them have the epiphany and good sense to put a shop in a lucrative area. (I'm presuming it's a lucrative area.)

  7. Hahaha! Trader Joe just loves to be mysterious, that's all. Maybe he will show up at the Grand opening, at your door, with chocolste?