Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Random ends and odds

So let's see what the sd card has for us this week...

The fourth of July had the girl child and me mustering up all of the bravery we could to trap this guy...
Look at him limbering up before he makes a leap to attack us! How big was he, you ask? Oh, um, well...
 ...Yeah, I. might've almost killed him trying to drop the quarter in for reference.

There was one of these to sample.

I guess I tasted a hint of toffee, but it really just made me want candy.

My battery was dead by nightfall on the fourth, so here is the fifth...
 And some more of these...
 And some of these (there were s'more of these too)...
 And my daughter hiding from bugs...
That brings us to the sixth. This was the part where I was hoping my son's birthday cookie cake would not recreate a previous ring of fire incident in the bottom of the oven.
Phew, we made it!

I will spare you the numerous selfies that my lovely children took of themselves on my cameras. If my son doesn't watch it, one of them will be his senior picture! Although, I do have some idea of what to expect when we actually take those...

I admit that I love every single one of these, but wish me luck with the actual senior photo shoot adventure...tissues, patience...and lots of candy!



  1. Awww! Such fine looking kids. They look like they are having a blast! And what a cute baby frog! When I see those in my backyard, I get so excited. I don't know about seeing them anywhere else, though. I might get a bit squeamish.

  2. Well, now I want the Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale. Or just sticky toffee pudding. And some cookie cake. Damnit, you know I'm pregnant!!! :p

  3. Aw cute little frog! But i'm not an outdoorsy person so I, too, would have been afraid of it....and also dressed like that to avoid the bugs.

  4. Yeah, I'm kind of wondering myself how the Senior pictures are going to go. Could be a scary situation over here for sure! ;)

  5. Please tell me that is a frog.
    And you didn't kill it.
    I want chocolate chip cookie cake!
    And I do the same thing your daughter does.
    Only to make Winter go away.

  6. You look like you all are having so much fun and my mouth is drooling over that cookie cake!

  7. Cookie cake? How many steps to take care of a piece of that?

  8. What a teeny tiny little frog! Did you finally 'rescue' him, or did he escape the great silver coin event of 2014? ;)

    Looks like your 4th (and 5th and 6th) were awesome!

    Mmmmm! Cookie!! (said channeling the Cookie Monster) ;)

    Your kids are awesome characters! Bet laughter fills your house more often than not! :)

  9. OMG that iddy biddy frog is SOFA KING CUTE!!!!!!!

    -andi (with no e, but now I'm rethinking it)

  10. It looks like y'all had a fantastic Fourth in spite of the fierce wee beasties and flying insects!