Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Speaking of random

I suppose it's worth finding out if getting some of these thoughts out of my head with free up some space for more valuable information. There is a chance that such prime real estate will quickly be taken over by seventies and eighties song lyrics, but maybe some pearls of wisdom will find tiny spaces to call home.

Speaking of things I may not need, I think it's about time to get rid of the freezer that is in our basement. I realized that my supposed deep storage approach to food is not doing me any favors when I actually need a container of Cool Whip.

I cannot say that I fully embrace gazing balls as lawn decor. However, I guess they make more sense to me than this bowling ball art I passed.

Speaking of art...Calling all DIYers, get your shell collection, playdough and neon paint...
...and be fabulous!
I am sorry that these photos just do not seem to be capturing the true ugliness.

Speaking of a bit of ugly, I just have a hard time warming up to our local minor league baseball mascot, Scooch...
Pops, the baseball headed train conductor guy makes sooo much more sense.

Have you ever found yourself filling your gas tank, and thinking "My gosh, I wish there was something I could do to make these three minutes pass by more quickly?"
Yup, GSTV...Gas Station TV.

Speaking of gas stations, we can talk of automobiles, which means we can bid a fond farewell to the flair that was on our van that we just traded in.
May the Force still be with us in our shiny new Volkswagens!

It's blueberry season! We went picking today and the likelihood that I will be able to refrain from eating too many berries is still up for debate. The kids kept tabs on me while we were picking, asking frequently how many I had eaten, but now those filled containers are just sitting on the counter with no branches or stems to slow me down!

This poor little guy probably deserved his own post...
Not quite ready to fly, and still mastering the art of walking. Have you ever seen a bird just sitting around with his legs out? We did see him get reunited with his parents, after we escorted him across the street with his step, flap, stumble shuffle.

That seems like a sufficient amount of random to hold us over. Stacy has some over at her place too!


  1. "Capturing the true ugliness" made me laugh. You beat me on expiration dates. I found something in my refrigerator on Sunday that had expired during 2011. It was lemon juice. I smelled it. It smelled lemony. It had separated. Maybe all the lemon stuff was at the bottom and the top was water. I shook it up. It looked like scary crud, so it's gone now.


  2. No, no. The pic does the ugliness justice. They are horrible!

  3. You know why they put tv in at gas stations.
    So you accidentally put more gas in.

  4. Is it sad that I sqeeed with delight when I saw it was a random post? Yeah, I thought so.

    I'm awful at keeping things past their sell by date. I forget all about them until they start moving to escape.

  5. *whew!!* I'm so glad I'm not the only one who buys stuff, puts it securely away, then forgets about it well past its expiration date. Luckily I have a ways to go since I've only recently been filling up the chest freezer in the garage since we of course had to get rid of all the stuff in our stand-up freezer in PA before we moved. ;) Let's see if anything slated for expiration in 2014 or 2015 makes it to 2016 and beyond! :)

    Um yeah - 'Ugly' is an understatement on those whatever they were clay and shell monstrosities.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Blueberries! Have you polished them off, yet? ;)

    Is that the new van with the stickers, or the old one? I need to get new stickers for my new wheels, since my Santa Fe was traded in with our super hero ones. ;)

    Awwww! Cute little baby birdie!!!!! How cool you helped him/her cross the road. :)

  6. Um...I occasionally have to have DL "smell the meat" (which sounds vaguely pornographic, but there you have it) because it's a day or two (or four) overdue.

  7. Mmmmm.. blueberries.

    Those shell-dazzled salt and pepper shakers were the worst!

  8. Blueberries...yum.

    I think that you captured the true ugliness of those shell things quite well!