Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random findings

There is a crazy breeze outside right now, but considering the 91 degree temperature, it feels like a constant walk across a New York City subway grate. Sadly, my walk with Fozzie did not feel quite as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe made that draft seem.

Speaking of Foz, I wish I remembered I was on Twitter last Friday, as I could have live tweeted my garage sale. Fozzie was apparently looking for someone to find him appealing enough to offer top dollar, so he tried to meet all those who attended. We were sitting on the porch, when a woman got out of her car and asked, in a rather high voice, if he was tied up. Fozzie paid no attention to her question, but assumed her tone of voice indicated she wanted to talk to him. He started his casual jaunt towards the end of of yard, as the woman grew increasingly agitated - not agitated enough to just get back in her car, mind you. I was able to reach Fozzie before he embarrassed himself hurt anyone. He is still shamed by his misinterpretation of her voice.
Once the perimeter had been secured, the woman calmed down and was able to shop. She was interested in one of the flat irons I was selling for three dollars. She wanted to know if it worked, and I had no problem plugging it in to assure her. However, I did not realize what she was asking was, does it work, in terms of actually straightening her hair...until she took some of her hair out of her fashion clip and asked if she could try it. After running it through part of her hair, she offered me one dollar. I took it, but regret not stipulating that she had to let us photograph her working on her hair, while I held the extension cord in my garage.

So I am thinking I should use my proceeds for some of these hot culottes. (I always liked the word gauchos better.) I have to buy three pairs though to get the deal...
...who's in? I can't take the suspense of wondering what the free gift is!
Okay, I might've had an inkling.

I thought both of my children were absolutely adorable babies. However, I did not wish to have likenesses of them mass-produced so that people everywhere could pretend to hold them.
Sorry, but you just creep me out, Savana, with your RealTouch vinyl skin. I think that is the same groundbreaking technology used for the monkeys!(Please note that while she is fully poseable, she is not a toy.)

And this is not a real banana...
...You know I am going to have to buy a box of these just to see what those oompa-loompas made that edible peel out of. Can somebody explain the grape version to me though?

In closing for this week, we bid a fond farewell to our 2004 van.
147,711 miles, and that check engine light was going to cost almost more than he was worth. In a show of solidarity, or just disgust at the nice sedan that appeared in the driveway yesterday, the check engine light on the van with 78,000 miles came on today. Little does she realize, I am willing to transition back to a no minivan family.



  1. Ah gauchos. I wasn't allowed to have them but they were popular in junior high in the 70s. My Elantra has 113,000 miles on it. I'm babying it!

  2. Lol. Poor Fozzie! How could anyone not adore him? And yes--that baby is downright creepy!

  3. People are soooo odd. I would never have the nerve to try out the flat iron. Lol!

  4. That poor woman had obviously been bitten before so is a little skittish around dogs no matter how adorable.
    The real terrifying monster here is Willy Wonka and that disgusting looking Peel-a-Pop.

  5. I still can't believe you let that go for a dollar. You wanted 3, she offered 1 . . . you split the difference at 2! Haven't you ever negotiated before? Sheesh!

  6. Holy crap they still sell culottes?

    And yes, always yes to culottes.

  8. Great randoms! :-) Your poor dog... under the blanket of shame... I just had the transmission in my 2003 Ford Windstar fixed. It cost a little less than the car is worth but I can't afford a new car so there ya go. AT least I'm guaranteed another 100K miles!

  9. Oh my goodness, I had a pair of culottes in middle school and absolutely loved, loved, loved them! I had no idea people still wore them. And the ones in the picture come with elastic waistband, too. Bonus!

  10. Gauchos were the BEST!!! My mom made me and my sister awesome matching sets that included vests. My sister's set was hot pink and mine was lime green. Or maybe the other way around. Regardless, I got to wear both sets since I'm younger and got all the hand-me-downs. AND I had white go-go boots to boot.

    I was awesome. Not as much as you though.