Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fairly Random

Heigh ho! Come to the Fair! The Great New York State Fair! Actually, don't get in your car because you missed it for this year. Fear not though...for I was there, and brought some highlights for you!

We were still in the parking lot when I caught sight of a wardrobe curiosity. I was going to play it cool, figuring maybe I was the only one who found it odd. After both of my kids asked me what the heck she was wearing, I figured it was time to get the camera out...
Suffice to say, the front was no more fashionable.

She wasn't the only one wearing something unreasonable, as you can see from this poultry building spectacle...

"Oh the humiliation of being in the poultry building! I am a guinea pig!"

Let's move on to the Dairy Building. Twenty-five cents for a cup of milk from the Rainbow Milk Bar. (note: rainbow=two flavors)
I am still wondering how my husband manages to take our selfies from so far away. I swear his hands don't drag on the ground when he walks.

It wouldn't be a trip to the Dairy Building without a visit to the butter sculpture!

Sometimes I feel compelled to critique the annual sculpture, and then I remind myself..IT IS BUTTER!

If neither of our kids agrees to pose with a wandering cricket, we can just embarrass them by having them take ours.
I don't know what I imagined crickets talked like, but this guy decided on a super creepy high-pitched one.

On to the Center of Progress building where we fought the urge to buy a salsa maker, new bed, cone ice scraper,  super chamois, steam cleaner or gel shoe inserts, while making our way to the sand sculpture. 

Moving on to the Horticulture building to see what's new with maple syrup. This year it was maple lemonade.
I wasn't convinced it tasted a lot like maple, but also wasn't really sure I wanted it to.

As we made our way outside, there was an accident we couldn't quite look away from. A faux One-Direction castoff with back-up dancers wearing Hammer pants. It just kept getting "better".
I tried to turn away from the performance and saw this...
...at least I knew what to do if my daughter wanted to stay for a second song.

I am going to let these two sheep speak for themselves. One...
...and two...

I kept hearing mention of the "Cow birthing tent" they had this year. They claimed you could watch live cows giving birth from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. I had these visions of huge vats of pitosin and a pen of pregnant cows. Really? What were the chances that you could just wander past the tent and catch a calf being born? Pretty damn good apparently. 
Super Calf!
This sign in the bathroom just made me want to tip the woman working even more, and I told her so when she asked me if I liked the sign, after I took the picture.

Are you getting hungry yet? Let's see what we can find you...
Yeah, here are the peanut butter cups...oh how I miss them...
After my son finished his Reese's (less the half of one he let my daughter and I split), he marched himself over for a Bacon Bomb...
That;s Italian sausage wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with some bacon, cheddar cheese and hickory barbecue sauce on a roll.

I am so much more civilized than that and took myself over to Dr. Veggie!
Zucchini and mushrooms and cauliflower...OH MY!!!! Oh, and some broccoli. I gave away the onion ring, because been there, done that!

And my daughter found love in her chicken nuggets...

This is the space I was reserving for pictures of all the loot we won...apparently that was not necessary. However, a good time was had by all! 

For more Fair fun, go check out the one Misty went to!


  1. I'm sorry, I lost all concentration after the sheep. Really....all concentration.....

  2. Your fair was far more exciting than ours--however, I have yet to make it to the state fair, we do the county fair and that is usually enough.

  3. Hold on, BACK UP . . . wine slushies? WINE SLUSHIES??? You didn't tell me about the wine slushies!! Damn, my fair sucks now. :(

  4. Wine slushies=awesome.

    I enjoyed my visit to the State Fair a few years ago, but that was before I found out that it is a terminal show for the poor animals. Now my enjoyment is limited to the food.

    I lurves my postcard, by the way!

  5. Wine slushies?! What?! How have I not heard of this bit of bliss before?

    This post is awesome - a smorgasbord of various and sundry interesting things!

    So with the fried food - you had to bring your own item to fry?! Is that how it worked?

    And poor mama cows.....no privacy. Sheesh.

  6. If you didn't have the pics, I'd swear you were making this stuff up!