Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Trying to keep the random in order

Here is what's been happening in my head, or at least in one small portion. Believe me there is some reallllly important stuff going on in other lobes. I have been wanting to get back to blogging more often, so I ponder the day's events and take photos wherever I deem necessary. The glitch is the sitting down and writing something worth hitting the "post" button for. The random snippets seem to branch off and take on these lives of their own, in which they try to convince me that they are valid enough topics to stand as their own posts. "Plus, look how many pictures of us happening you took," they taunt. Basically, if I do not move quickly enough, thoughts that once resided in the "random fodder" portion of my mind start redecorating their own spaces. The problem is that those musings are harder to get out. At least this is my theory. There is of course the possibility that a lack of creepy monkey advertisements in the newspaper has just left me bereft. Seriously, this is what they're offering now? A shoe I can't even wear, albeit "inspired by fanciful artistry"...
And a bizarre means to "enchant Yankee fans"...

Well, let's see what else I have. Just a warning that we may be here for a bit while I try to shake some of this random free.

Oh yes, these will be mine someday!
Because this...
...was ineffective!

Ooooh, I can hardly wait!
I wonder if this was supposed to be the new look?

Fozzie remains unimpressed, but insisted I update that Hello Kitty pic with this fresh from the groomer "Cowboy Foz" look.

In reading Ricki Jill's post about banned books week, I realized that my mother of the year award may be held up once again. My daughter and I read the Perks of Being a Wallflower (okay, so maybe she read it first), I have Looking for Alaska in our Amazon cart because she loved The Fault in our Stars, and my son read The Absolutely True Diary a few years ago (after I thought the description on the back sounded fantastic). Just wanted to let Ricki Jill know that these are the only shades of grey in my bedroom as I try to decide on some paint!

Do not ask me how I managed to pass up this fabulous sale!

It didn't matter that the ladder was completely unnecessary.
 Look! Charlie Brown apple trees!
 Oh my gosh! Fritter time!
It's been a few weeks since I posted a picture of me eating fried delightful food...

Well I feel like the load has been lightened a bit...for now.

Stacy is back at her place, but I swear I can tell she is on the other side of the country now.


  1. LOL Shades of Grey in the bedroom, huh???? Are those paint chips a euphemism for something else? Just sayin'

    IDK but the creepy little emo fairy fan might surpass the creep-factor of the monkeys. She looks like she just either cast a spell on the Red Sox, or released a sleeping demon from it's underworld prison.

    And WTH is with those poor Peanuts apple trees? They are pitiful....you can't make many fritters from their fruit!

    Well.....I think you and your daughter should read the banned books. I won't tell the PTA, I swear! You might still be up for that award. Fozzie likes his new wardrobe I can tell!

    Randomlicious post....I love it, Andrea!


  2. Nothing will match the creepy factor of those monkey babies. Since I know you are missing them, I just sent you a pic :). I'm kind of disappointed I'm myself now. I ate a fritter today and didnt take a picture.

  3. Now I want cookies. And something fried. And how come you get all those big one cent off sales??? I call bullsh*t. ;)

  4. Most of the time when I read a banned book, I end up wonder what the fuss was all about. I remember that Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret was banned because it talked about--*gasp!* having your period. That was the day I decided that grownups are often more silly than their children!

    Fozzy looks adorable! How miserable is he? My mom's Yorkie used to completely freak out about having a bandana around his neck.

    Apple fritters? Now I am hungry!

  5. I am just, right at this moment, EATING an apple. How's that for kismet?

    I do not see 50 shades there, Andrea. You need to pick up some more. And I like the paint sample on the bottom right. Go with that one.

    And you are doing parenting right. Have them read those and more! Banning books is totally fascist, I say!

    Be careful what you wish for . . . your birthday is fast approaching. Now if I just knew wher to GET those onion goggles. Hmmmm . . .

  6. Hilarious! I just laughed myself into a few tears.

  7. Your post made me hungry. Cookies, fritters...I must be strong! Think thin! Think thin! Ahh, good it passed! Great to meet you through RTT!

  8. You totally crack me UP! But then again, that's what you always do. I think our brains are very much alike. I have a solution to your onion problem: contact lenses. I don't notice onions AT ALL. Hubs who wears glasses, has the hardest time cutting them, but to me it's like chopping carrots. So invite me over, I'll take fried food but skip the cookies. Damn hypoglycemia...
    Tina @ Life is Good