Friday, September 27, 2013

I get Misty

During the a-z challenge this past April, amidst my angsty 80's songfest, I started chatting online with fellow blogger, Misty, every night. Sometimes after the next day's song had been guessed, we would mess around trying to come up with other songs that fit the day or emotion. A few weeks ago I was trying to think of a song using her name (for no good reason, probably just avoiding housework or something). While we messaged back and forth, I was feverishly searching the interwebs for the song that was in my head. I should clarify, I did not have the pleasure of a complete earworm, just three words..."I get Misty".

I was not looking for Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald, or even Frank Sinatra, no matter how strongly the search engine wanted me to appreciate those results. It sounded like Natalie Merchant's melodious tones, but unclear as to whether she was with or without the Maniacs. I wasn't finding what I was looking for, and started to wonder if those were actually the Cranberries serenading me. "I get Misty." On and on it went for days...just those three words. I tried singing it loudly, softly...I was certain it came at the end of the song and decided my google searches were fruitless because the words were just sort of ad-libbed at the end.

Does it seem like I am taking a lot of time explaining my fragmented situation? I assure you it is nothing compared to the time I actually spent trying to figure this brain teaser out. I started to think that I could hear the beginning of whatever song followed this song's end, as I was putting all of my chords on Natalie by this point. I checked the cd's for what song preceeded the opening notes I had moved on to. Madness.

Finally, one afternoon as I drove around, a few more words sort of came to me. They were a bit misty, for lack of a better word, but I was getting somewhere. As I worked my way backwards through the song, I came to another part where I heard the word "Misty". I just couldn't get all the way to the beginning or to the chorus so that I would know exactly which song I seeked. As soon as I got home I grabbed all of our Maniacs and Natalie Merchant cds, and pulled out the lyric sheets. Laundry could wait, as my quest was coming to a close!

I had enough of the rhythm in my head to rule out many titles right off the bat. In My Tribe? Blind Man's Zoo? I had those albums memorized. However, Our Time In Eden? I just hadn't spent as much time studying I guess. Then I saw it...then I started humming. The song I had been trying to figure out was Circle Dream. I couldn't read through the lyrics fast enough. But wait, where was the word?  

The capital letters are the part of the song I had worked my way back to, convinced she said "I get Misty".

But at every turn, MY WAY WAS SEALED.

Excuse me? I had to read down to the end, where I was sure I would get misty...


What? I can't rest here? How fitting, but at least the search was over.

Enjoy, and sing whatever words make you happy...


  1. See? It just proves that I am now firmly entrenched in your head. You cannot escape from the Misty. ;)

    1. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Isn't there another song that says something about riding into the misty. CRAP!!!! Now I can't rest here until I find out what song that is...and what the lyrics actually are! ;)

    2. Hey, hey, hey! No Riding into the Misty! That sounds painful.

      You are probably thinking of Into the Mystic. So close....

      Now, go do some laundry or something!! ;)

    3. Noooooooooo! You have Moondanced all over and squashed that earworm fragment like a bug!!!!!

  2. OMG, you will do anything to avoid housework! LOL

  3. I was going to say Van Morrison and Into the Mystic, but got beat by Misty. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a bit of lyrics stuck in my head. I got a poem out of my last "song stuck in my head" experience. Not too bad for a week's obsession. Mind you, I knew what song, just COULD NOT get it out of my head.

    Tina @ Life is Good

  4. OMG I *hear* 10,000 Maniacs!!! I go on these distracting tangents like you do......wild goos crack me up!

  5. Obsessive about musical lyrics? I think that is a fine character trait! Don't ever change!