Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stepping Out

The husband had invited me to join him at a business dinner last night. I had ample notice, but somehow that left me no more prepared to be in the company of well-dressed adults than if he had sprung it on me with fifteen minutes to spare. The knowledge that he would be wearing a suit left me no closer to figuring out what ensemble I should cloak myself in, but I knew it had to be several notches above my grocery shopping garb. If we were attending a wedding, I'd have been good to go, as I have that dress. I just didn't want to appear as though I had tried too hard. 

I made some threats about shopping for something new, like that awesome outfit I saw at Marshall's a couple of months ago, but had nowhere to where it to (and now absolutely no recollection of what it even looked like). As usual, life happened and I didn't quite make it to the store. My mother caught on to my running very fast, in place, approach to solving my dilemma and dropped off a blouse (do they still call them that?), provided I could muster up some black pants, and a dress for me to try out.

I spent a good portion of yesterday pondering my ensemble, and feeling a general (albeit minimal) sense of satisfaction with what I had. To distract myself from being unable to locate my black flats, I started to think about what jewelry I could wear to jazz things up a little bit. Then I remembered, the beautiful bracelet! It. Is. Beautiful. A dear friend of mine made this years ago, and I swear I heard singing the day she gave it to me! See for yourself...
Keep your eyes below the wrist please. Oh, but ignore that vein. Ugh!
Anyway, how could I doubt my wardrobe selection with this collection of loveliness tying things together? Yes, this is the foundation I was standing on. Let me break down the rest of what I had to work with...

Hair - First I had to set the wild pony tail free, in hopes that I had not left a permanent crimp across the back of my head. After getting the past month's worth of rain in the thirty minutes before I got ready, I figured I had an excuse for whatever was about to happen. I proceeded to leave what looked like one quarter of my hair in the bathroom sink, so I had less to worry about. I went with a zig-zaggish part because I am pretty sure that was in over five years ago, and I can't say as I have heard anything to the contrary, nor to update my mental files.

Blouse - Borrowed, and it fit (and no, I did not have a plan b if it didn't fit, other that something that would also be okay to wear with the bracelet.)

Pants - The pair I had in mind was still on the dry cleaner hanger in the protective bag! Luckily the shirt was long enough to hide the two inch gap of where I was able to get the zipper pulled to, and where the zipper actually ended. Unfortunately I took the plastic off the pants before rinsing the powder off my hands. (Note to self: Brushing at powder splotches with hands that have still not been rinsed is highly ineffective.)

Shoes - Seriously, what the hell happened to my black flats? I found some other random hand me down shoes in the closet that were just going to have to do. They were terribly uncomfortable.

Makeup - What? If mascara and some Burt's Bees lip shimmer count, then, check.

The event was lovely. I was pleased that I had moved my bracelet to my right wrist because it took away my worries as I tried to delicately nibble from my plate of goodies gathered at the hors d'oeuvre table. Those jingling sparkly bits of wonder were sure to distract from whatever lack of daintiness I had going on. It was also on my hand shaking arm. Of course folks were pleased to meet me with the greeting my bracelet offered. In case the sparklies didn't do enough to distract people from the rest of what I had going on, I realized that I had been clutching my ice water glass in my right hand. Perhaps they figured I looked decent for a cadaver.

Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes was the guest speaker, but sadly I did not get a photo of him with my bracelet. He was great, and I don't think that was just because I don't get out much. The food was incredible, but I felt so guilty staring down the piece of salmon that came on every plate (buffered very well by prime rib). I do not like salmon. I felt compelled to try it though, so I did...three times. I decided to just give it up though when the third bite almost made me ill. I wish I had a photo of each lovely plate that arrived before me, but I didn't need any more evidence of just how little I go out in public with adults.

On the way to the car, the husband thanked me for going with him. He clearly understood all of the effort I had put in. I am going to go to the bookstore with the money I didn't spend on a new outfit. I might even make a true adventure out of it and wear my bracelet!
Much love and thanks still makes me smile!


  1. Glad you had a good time! You look nice!

  2. Okay - that photo needs to be your new profile pic at top - you look beautiful! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a shoe gremlin living in her house.

    1. You are too kind, but how can I argue with the woman who has the Fisher-Price squad as her profile pic?!?! (BTW, I do love your Chicago Parent pic!)

    2. You changed it!! LOVE that picture - it really captures your spark!

  3. That bracelet is gorgeous, and so is the photo :). I always feel more dressed up when my bracelet jingles!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! This profile pic of you does not do you justice, I am sure!

  5. You look GORGEOUS! And that bracelet is really the bomb. I think the kids are still saying that. You clean up pretty well. :)

    I am facing a similar dilemna in trying to figure out what to pack for NYC this week for BlogHer. I am a casual girl, but know I will have to step it up for this event. What to wear? What to pack? Sigh. I am still struggling with this. I have until tomorrow night to finally throw some stuff in a bag!

    1. Eeek packing dressy'ish clothes with a potential wrinkle factor! I'm telling you, just make sure you have a fun bracelet and you will be good to go! I think I spent all of last week appearing in public with looks that risked putting me in weekly whacked! (but no leggings as pants...I have some standards)

  6. You look lovely, and the bracelet sure is gorgeous. I would wear it every day just so I could feel special in my sweats/shorts. And your husband sounds like he was appreciative! But what books are you going to purchase?

  7. You look hot! I wish my face looked that good without 4 inch thick concealor and a couple prayers!