Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sandy Random

Greetings from sunny Cape Cod!

I am ending my relationship with weather.com because of the lies. I have been toyed with enough, given promises of much lower temperatures (yes, well it is lower than 90) and even a few rain drops.

I am not morally opposed to having a little color on my skin. However, various patches of brightish pink were not the hue I had in mind. Due to the strength of 1,000 suns and an incredible lack of clouds, (hence the not feeling so much cooler) my SPF 50 was rendered nearly powerless. Then again, I could be cutting edge if splotches are the new rage.

Nauset Beach has not disappointed so far. Despite the beach being evacuated just hours after we left the other day, for a shark sighting, we haven"t been denied access. Of course the seals don't bring about the same ooing and ahing as usual, as it is more like wow that's close...ARE THE SHARKS COMING?...followed soon after by OK MOMMY'S NERVES CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE, EVERYBODY OUT!

In addition to seeing scraps of Lycra being asked to do the amount of work that an entire bolt of fabric should be responsible for, there have been some other gems...

Speaking of gems, I am not sure how many years in a row we have seen this guy. The speed he moves at coupled with the look of determination on his face does not make this look like a hobby.

When I see someone like this well-toned individual, I have a moment where I feel safe from the sun's rays, as I assume they are all focused right on his reflective skin surface. Glad I had on sunglasses!

OK, this guy was positioned right near us at the tidal pool. I guess all of the small children made it seem like a safe place where nobody would stomp his creation or trip in his moat. We were relieved that he ws standing on his knees, so that we were less likely to lose my niece and nephew.
Now either he was building for his own personal pleasure, or his family doesn't care much for him, as I never saw anyone approach the castle.
Nearly an hour later, and his rolling and body grooving technique were too much for my son and I to take seriously. It was also determined that his back might have been just a wee bit too hairy to get a smooth finish on those walls.

I thought my daughter was gesturing from higher on shore to alert me that there were fins in the water, but it turned out she just wanted to be sure I saw these folks dancing. They had their music playing quietly, and what better place to bust the ballroom moves out.

The news report claimed that 3,000 people were evacuated from the beach the day before, and yet here were the lifeguards appearing uninterested and without binoculars.

I felt much safer when the skipper finally arrived!

Stacy has finally arrived back home after her whirlwind cross country excursion, so go see  what random souvenirs she brought back!


  1. Glad you had a nice time on the cape.

  2. Lol. Looks like you could never get bored with all the sights on that beach! Love the Skipper! Have fun. Watch for rogue fins!

  3. It sounds like a lovely time was had by all! Except for the poor shark, who was probably just trying to check out that guy with the metal detector...

  4. Stupid stupid weather.com. And I've always wanted a metal detector. Is that wrong? (: Hilarious post.

    1. Hmmm...that depends how seriously you take your detecting! We saw a guy last year hand his thorough psyched lady friend a ring he had just dug up...I love you so much I sift sand for you!

  5. "...scraps of Lycra being asked to do the amount of work that an entire bolt of fabric should be responsible for." Seriously, I laughed so hard at that description, that I think I woke my neighbours! :D

  6. I totally love people watching while on vacation. You just never know WHAT you are going to see!

  7. I feel the same way about the weather channel. Jim Cantori and Paul Goodlow are toying with me. We need rain and they can stop lying about it and just tell me it's not coming. Granted, I still love them (because they are hot) but for God's sake, quit lying to me!!!

  8. I am so thankful that you are unafraid to take pics of the ridiculousness that you see all around you. I admire your stealthy ninja skils.

    1. My kids were starting to look alarmed at my random clicking without even trying to stage decoy pictures...the skipper was just coming too fast!