Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Regular random

I just checked weather.com to make sure we were still in the clear for mid-80's weather for the next few days. When will I learn to stop inviting that lying cheat back into my life? Sure it is 71 degrees in Cape Cod, 86 here, and now he is breaking it to me that the 90's will be back for five days starting on Thursday. Another woman would've just given me the real story without trying to sugar coat things. I almost feel like I should go do something outside while it's "cooler"? Blah.

Last week I felt like I failed to capture much of the random loveliness that I had encountered, so this week I took more chances to ensure that I would have things to share. Just leaving the house was a bit chancy for me, considering my irrational fear of frogs, toads, froads. It is not that I think they will rise up and attack, I just feel that they are unpredictable in their hopping direction and very squishable. For the sake of making the threat seem greater, let's pretend my front walkway has very large bricks.

I really wanted to catch a picture of this woman with her sweatband at the grocery store. Unfortunately she was moving a bit too fast....ahhhhh, hence the sweatband perhaps?

I honestly took this photo to show you guys the totally rockin' bald with a side order of ponytail combo this man was sporting. However, I now feel like there might be just a little something else hanging out there that could be mentioned.

My kids took this picture for me while they were at the Syracuse Chiefs ball game with my parents (my mother suggested I might want it). Yes! This helps to further my thought that baseball is a super swell thing to watch...if you have something else to do to help keep you busy/entertained. Duct tape flowers are a swell distraction from all of that game play going on.
Apparently she is a season ticket holder, and knits as well.
Remember that cute Minnie Mouse strawberry I found while picking? Um, this is what the boy child found while we were blueberry picking. The butt cheek blueberry.
It was cute at first, but got worse as I took a closer look.
I felt safer driving behind this car as I figured there was less of a chance that the driver would have road rage, or speed wrecklessly, with that taken care of.

Stacy just finished corking wine and is ready for visitors!


  1. I have been known to rock a sweatband. However, only in spin class and not the grocery store. I found you on the rttr blog hop

  2. This is a hilarious post! Isn't people watching great? I have been tempted so many times to snap a picture but I chicken out. What you wrote about ponytail dude - too funny.

  3. Hahaha! I have often thought of bringing crochet to baseball games. I am glad that I am not the only one! Nice blueberry!

  4. I love people watching. It's pretty rude, so don't watch it if you have a sensitive stomach, but have you seen that People of Wall Mart Youtube video? Oh my word! I love the blueberry your son discovered. How funny! Great post! :D

  5. These are priceless! And I want that poop bumper sticker. BAD.

    1. I will try to get you one, IF you promise to only "wear" it when it's true!

    2. ...better start on some fiber....

  6. These pictures are amazing... Each and everyone... I am always chicken to snatch a picture...when I see stuff like this.. I am so glad you weren't scared & shared!

  7. Oh the sweet pleasure of people watching... Recently I caught myself checking out this woman's GORGEOUS rack. And then I noticed she had glitter on them. And then I remembered we were at a children's playhouse... and then I noticed her sweats and enormous ass. And then I realized I was staring. Oops.
    BTW, next time you go to the store can you get some bleach? For my eyes? I want to unsee that 3rd pic like I want to breathe my next breath!

  8. OMG people watching at it's best...That dude with the stomach needs to get his cardio on fast

  9. My favorite is the butt blueberry. Great post keep sending awesome randomness coming our way!