Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Randomly roasting

OK, so treating the weather like a toddler and giving it no positive or negative attention for acting out did not make it behave any better! Holy heat of hell! I just tried to walk the dog and two houses away he looked at me as if to say he thought he could use the toilet instead. It is windy out...windy...not breezy! Make no mistake that when it is 99 degrees out, a 31 mph wind feels like the breath of 100 dragons...not a breeze. The big cool off, down to 87, ought to be super swell tomorrow. I hope I have a clean sweatshirt!

So we're hope from Cape Cod now...
(no that is NOT everything)
After making it over the bridge and off the Cape, it took us an hour to travel the next three miles. I only started to lose it three times, I think (and that was due, in part to my son's insistence that the woman in the black Navigator was giving me dirty looks). After traveling a couple more hours in heavy traffic, my son pointed out a breakdown lane...yes, exactly where I felt like I was headed!

Oh Trader Joe's...I missed you by the time I left the parking lot! I am infinitely envious of those of you who can just run to Trader Joe's as needed, instead of stocking up on some random variety of yum-yums...hoping there were enough dark chocolate caramel and sea salt candy bars in the bag to hold me to the next visit...wondering how long to wait before opening the lentil chips so they aren't gone too soon...lamenting over those items left behind in some effort to display some self control.

I am not sure why I left without clipping a few hydrangeas...
The small white hydrangea I have, that has been scorched brown in spots by the sun, is just adding insult to injury.

Moving on...

The balloon border let us know it was the party room! Ah, the joys of taking a 15 year old boy to the pediatrician for his annual physical.
Neither of us really understood the purpose of this privacy cloth, so I suggested a cape.

I tried to keep an open mind at the Korean restaurant, but nothing about "fish flakes" sounds appealing, and everything about it sounds like goldfish food...oh that smell!

I have to go move some food around the kitchen counter in hopes that it magically turns into dinner!

I know Stacy is enjoying the east coast sauna as much as I am, so stop by and wish her some random cool thoughts!


  1. I heard that you guys are having a scorcher why don't you send a little bit ova here. We are in the fog bank from hell and it is butt freezing I had to turn on the heater yesterday WTF really? Sunny California my ASS

  2. Ha ha ha! I hear ya on this heat! Actually where I am now, it has cooled down SOME but the humidity is RIDICOOLOUS. I was out for oh...maybe 40 minutes helping the Hubs spread out the bark while he cooked dinner and I was drenched. As in bucket of liquid thrown on me soaked. Crazy.

    I LOVE TRADER JOES!! We have one about 45 minutes away, so it is a treat and a 'every so often' occasion that I get to go and meander leisurely up and down the aisles.

    Great to be home, isn't it? Now if only the unpack/laundry fairy would arrive, all would be well.

  3. Oh, I want to go to Trader Joe's!! We are dealing with humidity here. My hair is HUGE. Not happy (or remotely pretty)

  4. Been catching up on your vacation--oh my, the photos of beach folk a few posts ago had me rolling with laughter. Hope you had a great time and that you do, in fact, have enough dark chocolate carmamel and sea salt candy bars until next time.

  5. We are just now getting a Trader Joe's here in San Antonio. I am going to try the chocolates on your recommendation. I am also going to purchase some Two Buck Chuck, just because of the name, but that is how I roll...

  6. Oh my God, I had never thought about describing 99 degree wind as the breath of 100 dragons, but that's it. Totally it. Wonder why the weather man hasn't caught on to that lingo yet?

    1. I think the weather man is too busy trying to figure out what percent chance of rain to tell us there is...when the reality is NONE!!!!! You are onto something though in that they should just tell it like it is!