Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random garland

So here I am sitting at the computer looking for some random things to share. It is much easier for me to just gaze upon this photo than it would be to get up, go into the other room, and plug the actual tree in. Yes, that should be your first indication that I am no more festive today than yesterday. Perhaps I could get a picture of a fireplace on the ipad going and have myself some hot cocoa right here at the desk.

This ornament seemed really neat to still have a few years back...
...whereas this year I thought "1983? Good Lord, how old am I? I was my son's age when I got that."

We went to my daughter's holiday concert this evening. I am happy to report that all of her clothing fit properly. However, with t-minus 45 minutes, she made some smatterings about how they were supposed to wear actual shoes. I assumed we were going the black boot route...which we did because the four pairs of my black shoes were all too small (or at least that's what she reported). Overall, this is an upgrade from last week's orchestra concert when my son's collar was too tight, so we held the shirt closed with his bow tie, and his pants were too tight, so we held them closed with a belt. He had black shoes, and all attire was his own, so that's something.

Thank you to Stacy for hosting the random party and for having no dress code! (That I know of.) When you are done here, follow the string of cranberries over to visit her (or just click on the button.)


I know I mentioned this product placement awhile back, but thought you might need the visual. Luckily the dollar store doesn't change their last minute offerings very often.
I wonder what that Buncha Crunch was left behind for.

Feeling flashy?
Are you all even old enough to know what these are? It's a good thing my grandmother keeps them close by in case my newfangled camera goes on the fritz.

My daughter loves her some American Girl dolls, but the name of this store did not lure her over in any way.
It might be difficult to see - it's called "My 18 Inch Doll". Nope, not man dolls.

OK, now here is what brilliance I encountered while driving my daughter to school today. I passed a van heading towards me about 100 yards from the school. The woman driving the van had a sign, about the size of her head, that said "SCHOOL SLOW". She was waving it almost frantically as I drove by her going 30 miles an hour (which is the school zone speed limit). The middle school is not one with walkers crossing the street, and is set back rather far from the road. (You may not need that information, but I wanted you to know this is not a crossing guard situation she was fighting for.) I wanted to slap her for a variety of reasons that you are lucky enough to be briefed on...
1) Is it safe to drive while waving a large piece of paper in front of your own face?
2) Has she not noticed how often actual police officers are staked out to keep the area safe?
3) I find it distracting to have another driver wave pretty much anything at me. Especially a sign...that I have to read!

In wrapping up the random this week, Fozzie wanted you all to know that dogs do not want to hula hoop.It's not that he can't...he just doesn't want to!


  1. Those are old flash bulbs. OH GAWD I'M OLD.

    And that is too weird...hummm I think I'll have a Jolly Rancher and a pregnancy test. Yeah, that's what I need!!!

  2. there is so much in your post!... looks like a superb mom!...

  3. I can't get jazzed about Christmas, either. Hard to do when it's fifty-ish outside. (Of course, I should know that it won't be cold, as I have lived in NC for 27 years. But I miss my upstate NY Christmas.)

  4. That's a talented dog you've got there. And he's sassy, too. I like it.

  5. I remember those flash bulbs. And I remember the fights if someone "wasted" a flash by mistake! Lol Ummm, whats with the pregnancy tests with the candy??
    And finally, if it makes you feel any better....my tree has been up since Saturday - but there is not one decoration on it yet. Just naked in the corner. (the tree - in case you are wondering - not me)

  6. How do you even HAVE flash bulbs? Those are the fancy four-flashers! I remember when the first cameras with built in flash were coming out how super excited we were to just push the button whether there was film in the camera or not, just to get the flash. Kids are dumb.

  7. Flash bulbs! Those suckers got hot!

    Candy and pregnancy tests. Ummm..okay.

    I'm sure a big sign being waved at you from inside a moving vehicle isn't distracting at all. Some people are so lame.

  8. Flash bulbs????? Were those hidden away in the back of a closet?

    And here I was freaking out because I found actual cannisters of Kodak film.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  9. Hehehehehehe. Yeah, cuz you know, those sugar binges can make you go do craaaaaazy things.

    Oh my goodness, remember those flash strips that came, like, 8 bulbs in a row and you use them up one by one?

    I guess I should put away the big sign I carry in my car.... hmmm...

  10. What are you doing to that dog? He appears to have already started on New Years parties. You should keep those flash bulbs. Your great grandchildren will be able to take them to the antiques road show some day. Thanks for the smiles. Fun post.