Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm melting...what a world

I feel like the anti-wicked witch (yeah I suppose that is a bit of a relief) because I would revel in having a bucket of water dumped on me right about now! The heat index was 109 here yesterday mid-day. That is not to say that I know what that means. Windchill=temp+wind. I am not sure what gets added to the dastardly potion that made me feel like a piece of bacon walking down the street yesterday. I'll google it later, so that at least I will have learned something from the terrible experience.

This little guy was using WAY too much energy out in the heat the other day...

I had to relax a bit after watching him (well, there was that jog to get the camera too). Speaking of relaxing, I have the house to myself for at least fifteen more minutes this morning...what to do? I think I'll go do some more blog hopping and soak up the silence, as I do believe there will be five extra kiddoes here this who will want cookies...blogging and baking...2 of my faves!

Stalk Hop Friday w Mrs. Marine


  1. Hi! Beautiful photos! New follower from the friday hop! I would love for you to stop by to say hi & return follow! :)

  2. Great photos. In my corner of the continent summer hasn't even started yet. I haven't had to water my lawn yet and I've only watered the garden once.

  3. beautiful picture melting here as well come see me at I am your new follower

  4. It's really hard to stay friendly when it's so hot! I always get really prickly.

    thanks for dropping by