Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No vacation from random!

I set the bar pretty low for myself today, as when I checked the weather report, it made mention of the temperature reaching 96. To avoid the risk of bursting into flames, I assured the children that we would not stray beyond fifty feet of air conditioned spaces. I am now sitting in front of the computer, with every ounce of motivation completely gone from my body. I decided to make sure that tomorrow's temperatures were still predicted to be dabbling below 80, when I saw that today's high is now listed as 86. I feel so lame now, as if I should've made a more ambitious plan. I was settling in nicely to my threat of combustion concerns keeping me from any attempts to expend energy. Now I suppose I should put another load of laundry in, as the 48% humidity doesn't even seem like enough to fall back on.

Stacy is rallying the rebels once again this Tuesday to get our random thoughts together. She also has some unbloggables that she is not blogging about that are keeping me glued to my seat (as if I needed one more reason to stay still). Click on the link and see what other random things folks are airing out!


Last week someone commented to me that they were "out of shape too". Uh-oh, that "too" meant in addition to me. I mean, it was no secret to me that I wasn't exercising or eating as well as I could, but I guess I hadn't taken it to the next level of realizing that I was actually out of shape. I guess I thought that the beach I had just run up (much faster in my imagination) was steep enough and far enough away from our chairs to warrant being a bit out of breath. My bad...really bad. We walked (and sweat) enough in Boston for it to count as exercise. Upon returning home, of course, I had to look at the weather forecast before putting any jogging plans in motion. Too hot yesterday and today, as I have already mentioned. Right now I am burning off all sorts of energy resisting the temptation to put the frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls I put aside on reserve into the oven (or to pop them in my mouth frozen).

Moving on...some random vacation sightings...

I was absolutely, positively rooting for the crab...he lost.

Nothing rocks like the Pilgrim Pod!

Where was I when the mustache revolution came? We saw everything from 'stache-shaped fried egg corrals, to mood mustaches, to dog chew toy Kong-like mustaches, to these...

OK, I sort of understand the sign as I am sitting here at my desk, but at 55 miles per hour, I might've swerved and hit it. Luckily we were on foot.

I don't know exactly what to say about this one...or what accent to use when I think of something (other than it being in Hahvad Yahd).

Stay cool!

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  1. Apparently I was in the dark too. When did the mustache revolution occur? I see them everywhere now...