Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't sweat the random

Of course Mother Nature can't seem to keep her hot flashes to herself these days, so she must subject an entire country to endure the suffering with her. I almost had myself convinced that I could spend more than five minutes outside today, then quickly realized that was because I had not spent more than five minutes outside at one time. Sure, there is a slight breeze that has the same freshness factor as walking over the subway grates in Manhattan...ooooooh, steamy! The forecast is calling for 100 on Thursday with a chance of thunderstorms. Really? Well, there go my big sweaty picnic plans...darn!

Stacy is still doing her part to give us a place to throw our random, sweat-dripped thoughts. Click on the link to read what heat induced musings other folks are blogging about.


I am never quite sure if I have chosen the appropriate temperature setting for the air conditioner. It's not like we are running around the house in sweats to keep warm, but I occasionally feel a need to ponder whether I am being energy smart (in a realistic way, as in, the A/C is staying ON). Well, I do not need to wonder anymore! Our home energy report came again this month from the power company, and while we slipped four places from last month, we are still ranked #13 out of 100 neighbors. Sure, the kids want to know which four neighbors stepped up their games to surpass us in efficiency, but I have decided that I am content, for now, with our standings. My acceptance of the slide may have something to do with the fact that I realized there was no actual reward for coming in first place, beyond the paper they are wasting to send me my kudos. When I first read the line "You used 26% less energy than your neighbors", I thought somehow the power company saw me for the lazy slug I can be. They also send the letter to the other 99 folks to let them know how they are doing. Let's just say, we know people who are pushing that bar graph mighty far to the right.

Remember that twig I received back in May? Well check it out! Who'd have thought it was actually going to grow? I was skeptical, I admit. I am anxious to see what it does next!

Here is a product I was lucky enough to use today...heavy duty mayonnaise. Now we were just putting it in ginormous quantities of macaroni salad, but with it being heavy duty and all, I pondered its other uses. Spackle? Craft glue? Car wax?
I have some containers of food thawing for dinner tonight. I am not 100% positive what they hold. Based on the color, I am hoping for tomato sauce. One of the ice blocks does show signs of having some meatballs present. I just hope that the contents can be divided amongst four people in a way that looks somewhat intentional. It all started with a loaf of free bread I brought home, accompanied by a lack of interest in going to the store. If I end up having to eat just the loaf of bread, I have decided I am ok with that. I wanted to unplug the freezer in our basement since there is not much in it (and I might really want to rank higher with the energy lords next month), but there is a turkey in it that I don't think I can fit elsewhere, nor do I think this week has a Thanksgiving dinner vibe about it.

I wish that little shelfari thing over there on the left would change the books showing once and awhile. I say this because I have actually read and added several books, not because I am trying to use smoke and mirrors to make you think I am a more avid reader. There probably is a way to switch it up, but whenever I go to the site to try, I just feel technologically disabled. I should go ask my eleven year old to work it out for me!

Grab some popsicles and try to enjoy the wave!


  1. I wish we could have a little "contest" on our street to see who was the most energy efficient. How cool is that?

    I gave up on shelfari since they don't rotate the books. It just showed the same ole things. Boring!

  2. I have been craving turkey for a few weeks now but have no interest in firing up the oven. It's too freakin' hot.

  3. Maybe you should call an old friend who could hook you up with a plant with a few more leaves ;)