Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some relief from the sweaty random

It's that time, or should I say, DAY again!
Thanks for hosting, Stacy, and for giving us all a neat little loot bag to put our random thoughts in.

Yesterday morning was finally the moment I got to yell "Quick! Everybody get outside! It's under 70 degrees!" That was later followed by "Go dance in the rain!" Today we have been offered a potpourri (or more like a random linty candy from the bottom of Mother Nature's purse) kind of weather. I am doing my
energy efficient part by trying not to turn the air conditioning on, as we strive to be in the top five next month. The extra freezer has been turned off, so yes, we roasted that defrosted turkey on a 90 degree day over the weekend.

During the heat wave last week, I found myself at one of my cleaning jobs, in a house without any air conditioning. I am not saying that everyone has to have fabulous frosty cooling devices for their homes, but I am saying that no household chores should be done in homes without. Now I have never spoken before of how someone at this particular house just throws used tissues on the floor when a head cold comes to visit, or how cake decorating tips and bags were left out on the counter for four days awaiting my arrival to clean them. However, the heat coupled with this sight sent me over the edge. There were over 100 hair things of various shapes and sizes all over the bedroom floor (yes, I know how many there were because I didn't want to exaggerate during the retelling of the tale). Look at the level of shame poor dolly (she is too hot to get dressed) is expressing as she tries to wave me away...
...or perhaps she was just pointing me to the bathroom where I found a bathtub full of used water...ew! (That is actually the point when I went over the edge.)

We went to the Syracuse Chiefs (local minor league) baseball game last week. We found ourselves less than ten seats away from Billy Baldwin, and we had no decent camera. I could've sent one of my kids over to sit with him like that woman in the shredded back black t-shirt did. I wonder if Billy believed this six year old munchkin was a fan on her own. Part of the reason I didn't send my kids, or myself, over was that I didn't think "Hey! I love your brother Alec!" was a decent opening line...and I honestly didn't have any thoughts on Billy himself. I can't just bother someone because he or she is famous.

I know pink lawn flamingos take a lot of flack, but this display makes them look absolutely beautiful. Do you like the added feature of the side of the toilet tank being blown out? Maybe that is so it can't take on water in a storm. The plants are really classing it up though.

The most exciting random piece of information I have to share is the birth of my cousin and his wife's baby! Congratulations and welcome Baby Russell! He joins a much hairier big brother named Baxter, who blogs about being a Tibetan Terrier.

Babies fascinate me overall, but their little fingers? I could stare all day!

These delicious little goodies were tucked away safely in the freezer waiting for baby to arrive. His mommy is "Jesus in the kitchen" I have heard my own son say. She also has a culinary blog, but I don't expect that one to be updated too frequently for awhile, so enjoy the past posts, as they are awesome!

By the way, a quick peek into Baby Rusty's room confirmed any suspicions about the mustache revolution having arrived...oh, it's here...or at least THERE!

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  1. I love the wrinkles and dimples on babies. Oh the freshly bathed smell too....

    That house sounds disgusting. Some people need to be slapped. Just sayin'.

    Cracking right up over the toilet. OMG I almost choked on my tea!!!

    Have an awesome Tuesday!