Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, it's Tuesday?

I am on vacation time here in Cape Cod, so the actual day of the week was a bit of news to me. I find myself longing for the days when the kids were wiped out enough to turn in before 9:00 so that I could feel like I had time to unwind before 10:00 rolled around. Maybe I just wish that I could lose that feeling of being compelled to tuck them in, and I could be the one hitting my pillow at 9:00. Who am I kidding? I will tuck those people in even if they are throwing objects more offensive than stuffed lovies at me! Moving on...

Since Stacy has been kind enough to host Random Tuesdays from her vacation in Iowa, the least I can do is shake some random sand out of my suit and join the party. Click on the link to see what other folks have been sharing today.


I have always wished for a more bathing suit appropraite body, and have also pretended that I have no idea what steps I could take to achieve one (that don't involve chocolate chip cookies...like the ones that just came out of the oven...see?). I have gone the path of least resistance and now just tell myself that I won't be the worst sight on the beach. The overall theme this year seems to be the two piece bathing suit...bikini style, as opposed to the frock with swim mini I wear. I both applaud the confidence some of these women have that they have found the most flattering beachwear, and am disappointed that I have to see them wear it. Seriously though, the dudes have their own spandex basket of issues.

Tai chi anyone? I suppose it was my responsibility to make sure my kids didn't go careening into this guys with their boogie boards, so why was I secretly hoping they'd take him right out?!

Then he decided to take a run with his "C is for Crack" shorty suit. I know, it's a huge beach, but is 11:00 a.m. really the time for serenity?

I spent a bit of time consulting with my brother as to whether this guy had undies built into his super shorty shorts, or if that was his bright white fanny flapping at us. I might as well mention the chin strap holding his hat on...hard core!

I was not completely convinced that this mom was really doing much to help her daughter get that wet suit on. Instead, I thought maybe the efforts were more likely to cost at least one of them a bathing suit item.

For anyone on the verge of dehydration, who didn't pack a water bottle, I am sure they were relieved by this "Express" line.

I didn't bring my camera today, so my boogie boarding prowess was not captured (phew). Unfortunately, I saw the most sunburnt woman EVER! Her burn lines were different from today's suit, so I knew she was a vacationer who was not about to sacrifice a day at the beach because of some silly old first-degree burns. Maybe she won't be there tomorrow when the burns are second-degree. Bright angry red, verging on magenta...ouch!

Moving outside, where I am always green with envy when we are here, there are hydrangeas growing like crazy. Most of them around town are a beautiful cornflower blue, but I do love these lace top ones too!

Ooh, also happening outside were these fabulous pizzas on the grill. I don't see a reason for me to not eat these every day. It seems like whatever I would ordinarily cook might be yummier like this! (And I am fairly certain that the addition of that much dough into my life each day would fit right in with my toning regime.)

Well, it is now officially past my bedtime, but I was having trouble with the AV equipment. I need to be bright and perky in the morning for my son's birthday (as I am sure perky doesn't even begin to describe what mood he's working on!). He is turning 14...FOURTEEN? I just accepted the fact that he was thirteen about 5 weeks ago!

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  1. I am so jealous of your beach vacation! It would be so awesome to be able to just 'live' near the ocean for a break.