Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy summer...or another random hot Tuesday

It must be summer as the air conditioning in the van is blowing out air even warmer than the steam already in the car.

OK, I have to pause here (already) to say that auto-correct wins again. I must've neglected a space between the words "as" and "the", so of course that word was changed to "asthenosphere". Then as I was trying to rewrite that word just now, I hit the wrong letter somewhere and had it changed to "Arnie is here". Sorry to interrupt random with random. Thankfully, Stacy is leading the rebellion to keep the random going...


Instead of looking into getting a little dose of freon for the van, we (I) decided we should get a new one (or at least new to us). Hooray! We didn't even leave feeling as though we'd been totally had by the dealer. High fives all around!

I have been meaning to check my calendar all day, as the giant pimple I have festering under my nose would seem to indicate that I have a big date coming up. Maybe the prom or something? I fear that when this blemish makes it's way to the surface that it might engulf my entire face. It hurts to wipe my nose or smile even...pathetic.

I was standing at work last week when I saw a gentleman walk out of the ladies' room. Whatever. The mens' room is about eight feet further along. Neither of these men were triangle shaped or wearing dresses. The facilities are pretty much the same in either room, but not everyone needed to know that. Then a little while later I saw a different guy walk in to the same bathroom. A little while later the SAME dude walked back into the ladies' room. I was torn between thinking he was just that oblivious (um, the sign is even in Braille), or if he was just going to totally commit to his initial mistake.

It got so crowded in the nest that one bird could no longer fit his beak inside of it.

Clearly there was no choice but to leave. The bird looked so confused by what should happen next. Luckily the parents were nearby to act as escorts until things started to make more sense.

Here's a much needed summer product. Now you can make an ice cream treat that's super easy. Instead of scooping that ice cream in one swift motion onto a yummy cone, you can smash it into a mold with a plastic recreation of a cone.

School is finishing up this week. This is that time of year when I have high hopes of fostering some good habits in my children...things like helping more around the house, reading more, complaining less. Tune in next Tuesday to find out how quickly my dreams were crushed.

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  1. What is with getting pimples now? High school was a loooooooooong time ago, dammit.

    And posted from my iPad? Thanks for that crushing reminder that I don't have one.