Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random nature Tuesday

The most random thing around here lately seems to be the weather! I felt so hot and bloated last week that I almost parked in the expectant mother parking just to have a shorter hot walk into the store. I thought if I brought back the preggo waddle, and stuck my already puffy belly out a little more, seriously...who was going to ask me if I had parked there inappropriately. Then this week brought some cooler weather, and another round of allergens into my nasal passages. I finally succumbed to taking some allergy medication, and found out that the particular suckers that I chose are diuretics...so why do I still look so bloated? (she said, as if she didn't know what either an abdominal crunch or elliptical machine were). Now I am slightly chilly, and that makes me very happy! And....tomorrow will be 80 (and hopefully not a single degree higher!)

The trouble with the indecisive manner in which Mother Nature is conducting herself is that all seasonal activities are catching me off guard...namely, the end of school! My son's last day of classes is tomorrow, and he was disappointed to hear that there was no more cold pizza left for his lunch. Apparently he wanted something "fancy" for the last day...fancy...cold pizza. He turned down the turkey cheddar roll up I offered (clearly just not fancy enough!).

A request was made to eat dinner outside tonight, and since I couldn't think of any reason not to, it seemed like a simple way to raise my approval rating among at least one eleven year old girl in particular. This catapulted us into a nature festival. I do love watching big bumblers getting tipsy on nectar...

I was also glad to see the goldfinches using the feeder that claimed to be "just for them" with special perches to allow their upside down feeding...whatever, just happy to have them dine with us! Yes, that is a dead tree that the feeder is hanging in, but that is where the birds were visiting (there are five in the gang) so that is where I hung the feeder.

I might have mentioned the "daisies" I thought I was transplanting early last month. I watered them, and they really did well with the move...and then a purplish little flower started to emerge from an increasingly straggly looking plant. Ok, so I transplanted a weed. Here are some daisies we can keep an eye on...they make me smile a bit more when they are in bloom.

Of course with a daughter named Lily, who I just can't get enough of, we have several different varieties of her namesake out and about in the yard. Let's keep an eye on this one too...

I thought I was going to sneak in for some robin egg photos like last spring...

However, these are the nearly full grown birdies we found instead, since it is MID JUNE!!! I had to clean my living room window for this event, but then decided I should take the screen out for better photo ops. My daughter asked me what we should do if the mother bird flew inside. When I realized I had no other thoughts than SCREAM really loud, I closed the window. Creepy eye much?

Speaking of green, check out what arrived in my mailbox today! My cousin's very thoughtful wife knew that I had no green food coloring, but now you can choose which shade you are envious in!

I feel a need to create something special and yummy...stay tuned! In the meantime you can check out Amanda's awesome blogs about good eats and a dog's life. I should mention that we are watching Cupcake Wars as I type, and I highly recommend that you try to check out the Kentucky Derby competition episode. It goes without saying that I will not look anything like the overzealous, edible glitter adorning, Barbie in the flouncy miniskirt and floral apron when I go on my baking expedition...of course not...I am a brunette!

Nature-ally, I'd like to thank Stacy for helping to keep the random rolling! Click and see what she and other random rebels have on their minds today!


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  1. I would have eventually returned that green food coloring I "borrowed" 20 months ago.....