Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I have to go there

I have never been a huge fan of Arnold, he fell in the take him or leave him category of actors. I don't follow politics, so his role as governor didn't wow me either. As a result, news of his infidelity scored fairly high on the snooze scale as well. I was minding my own business, driving the car during morning talk time. I was alone and able to listen to radio stations that my children deem "old people music". Lo and behold, the story of the day was the increasingly infamous maid to the Kindergarten Cop. They commented that the woman was not very attractive (which is how I find both Arnold AND Maria). Then one of the djs said she "just looked like a regular fifty-year-old housewife". I was so annoyed! I was offended on behalf of housewives everywhere! Not to kick Maria when she's down, but I do think she might be more attractive after a few months on a Tollhouse bar diet. I am just still not ready to accept gaunt as stunning in anything beyond a negatively shocking way. Of course there was more chat about how Arnold could have gotten anyone, and blah, blah, blah... I would've expected such inane banter from the local college station disc jockeys on a hungover Sunday morning, but this was a borderline oldies station, and they were disrespecting the oldies!

Okay, I got over my initial desire to write a letter to the station manager. Heck, I even got over my urge to blog about the topic. I was getting on with my life when I stumbled across this gem from my brothers' supreme action figure collection.
He was hanging out in the same junk drawer as these folks, and it just seemed like a sign that I needed to share them with you. This is what we figure the scenes would've looked like...complete with Maria turning green with rage (I can't explain where her hair went).

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