Thursday, June 2, 2011

We could talk about the weather

Two days ago it was ninety degrees here in Central New York. I am not a fan of the heat, especially when it sneaks up on me. Then today came the wind. This morning the thermometer was struggling to escape the fifties. The poor dog was struggling as he tried to take his morning stroll. I took one strong gust up the left nostril, as I struggled to pull my towel turban over both of my ears (pretty picture, I know).

Earlier this spring we had some rain...perhaps forty days and nights of it! Then after a couple of dry days, the fuzzy histamine commandos had me wishing for more rain to tame them back down. I am not exactly sure where the wind today actually blew in from, but there are some nasty allergens floating around in it. It's that sort of allergy nonsense where you try to scratch the back of your throat with your tongue. It feels pretty gross, and I am fairly certain looks rather unattractive to anyone nearby. Plus there is also the noise that the feeble attempt at throat scratching makes. At one point my ears started to feel itchy as well, and I did not appreciate the distraction from my horrible sore throat. Not to jinx myself, but I was happy that my eyeballs had not succumbed to the attack.

Luckily my throat only hurts when I swallow. I will admit right here, right now, that I know for a fact I was chilling with my mouth dangling open during the night, letting the drool hit my pillow so I wouldn't have to swallow. Hey, at least it was my own pillow right? Maybe tonight I can try something different, like actually sleeping.

Thanks for letting me gripe...and as I would imagine, commiserate with a few of you. By the way, I highly recommend fudgesicles as rather decent throat lozenges.

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