Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beyond random

Not only are the topics whirring about in the cuisinart that is my brain random, but the way I feel about some of them is random as well. For example: I know that eating less cookies could contribute to slimming down my flabbity tummy; but I also find them irresistible and rarely even attempt to demonstrate any will power. Moreover, I will look for the slightest reason to bake a batch of chocolate chip delights...seeing a bag of morsels in the cupboard counts as good cause! As much as I love cookies though, even I know this baked good was not even a bargain at the seventy-cent markdown price. Seriously? That needs to be on the shelf?

Thanks to Stacy for giving at least my blogging life some structure. She's carrying her sign and keeping us interested in airing out our random thoughts (on Tuesdays). I am thinking I should also take a cue and grab a glass of wine! Click on the box when you finish here and see what other folks are up to.


School's out for summer! One of the early signs that my house would not be so lonely anymore was the extra four pairs of shoes in the doorway. I love the sounds of the laughter...absolutely LOVE it! The dog chose to stand guard in case anybody showed up for the sole purpose of amusing him.

The kids managed to find new shows I had not even heard of within hours of gaining control of the remote. They are game show network addicts now, but are struggling with the commercial content. I had to break the news to them that the target audience for the Family Feud is a much older crowd who may be in need for portable catheters, walk in bath tubs, and a variety of anti-inflammatory medications. Upon my demanding that they take a break from Baggage (as in, please don't watch that ever again), they tuned in to Bizarre Foods. The particular episode they caught showed the host eating conch penis, followed by some man skinning a rodent. Board game anyone?!

I have to admit that sometimes when I head out wearing my house cleaning hat, I am not actually in the mood to clean. It does not help matters when the pet of the house I arrive at tries to lure me to do something else. Look at this pooch giving her best effort to convince me that the play tent is way more fun than the vacuum I have pushed dangerously close to her face. She knows that I know that she knows we could both be having more fun.

Outside is super fun! (At least it is when I don't have to worry that I might burst into flames, or subject myself to a ridiculously high humidity level). Apparently ridding our front porch of the rude barn swallows cleared the path for some very messy robins (possibly the relatives that the shrubbery robins don't like to talk about). They have taken living on the edge to a new level! They have also made my rocking chair an unfavorable relaxation spot for fear that something will land on my head (notice the overflow of housing materials hanging on the chair).

My aunt has this nest situation on her porch. The mourning dove is not a swooping attack bird, but is slightly creepy in her own right. She does not move! She sits on her eggs while my aunt's dogs bark like crazy, people walk in and out of the slamming door, and annoying people with camera phones try to get as close as possible because they have no zoom! We are also not sure exactly what happened to the robins who were living in the nest that she strategically built hers on top of. Maybe she struck a sweet deal and there are eggs in that nest too? It is pretty fascinating (to me) how you can see a subtle difference in building materials between the two nests. A Home Depot versus Lowe's sort of thing.

I am fairly certain that there has been some progress with the plumeria.

The one consistent thought I have had for most of today is...I am tired! I even know what to do about that...good night!

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  1. Awesome randoms! I found myself giggling at lots of them and I was in sore need of giggles!

    Have a wonderful night!

  2. The dove is fabulous! Hey I found your blog on the 40 and over blog hop. Really glad I did too! You made the top 5!


  3. Stopped by from the 40 and Over FF! I always love to find someone else who is random! I am now a follower!

    Sue at http://oldmomnewtricks.blogspot.com

  4. So funny. Gotta love that cookie. So who do you think took the bite out of it before they wrapped it up?

    Found and followed you on the over 40 hop. Would love for you to visit back