Monday, February 7, 2011

Do as I say, not as I do

There is nothing wrong with having a junk drawer, as where else are we supposed to keep such, well...junk? (Yes, the obvious answer here might be a trash can.) Maybe this sliding tomb of wonder deserves a better name like: "Hiding spot for when I need to quickly clear off the bits from my counter, but don't have time to actually assess what they are" or "Filing system for a variety of small items that need to be handy, but not visible" or "Mingling place for where I put everything, but can't find anything". On second thought, "junk drawer" works just fine.

I finally got frustrated enough with the wait time to find a safety pin, and trying to catalog the red Sharpies that come thru the door from work with my husband every day. It was time to remove the drawer from the safety of its rolling tracks and get down to business. I was so relieved to find my ten-year-old daughter's sunglasses from when she was an infant. I also uncovered at least six month's worth of safety pins, in the nick of time as they were about to be added to my shopping list. I found several needles (literally) in the haystack, yet recall recently being very agitated when I actually needed one and came up empty. The emptying of that particular drawer (yes, that would indicate that there are others), began to take on the characteristics of a lo mein take-out food container...the more I took out, the more there seemed to be. I am still unclear as to how everything covering one end of the kitchen table fit in the drawer.

I was trying to be swift, practical and productive in my organizational wizardry, when I ran across this...

I started to ponder the best way to untangle the mess, wondered if the battery worked, and if those rubberbands would fit in the spot I had designated for the smaller variety. I daresay there was some spark of excitement over the significant increase there would be to my newly formed paperclip compartment. I quickly realized that I would not allow a friend to even see such a thing, if I were helping her to organize her drawer of treasures. It's first, and only, stop would be the garbage. That embroidery floss was tempting, but I somehow managed to part with the entire fabulous collection...well, except for the magnet that held it together.

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