Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not so dreamy

I am sure you are familiar with those dreams that you wake up from and have to give a good shudder to shake them off. I have spent the good part of some days trying to blow away the cloud that seems to be hanging over me, only to realize it was bad vibes from something that crept into my brain the previous night. The dream typically has to be just close enough to something that could actually happen, as I can pretty much leave any alien abduction issues right on my pillow and go on with my day.

I have been awake almost four hours today, and keep slipping down a slightly cranky slope. I know there is some residue from a couple of less than perfect days this past week, but I think I just keep feeling the general angst from my right before I woke up (as far as I know) dream. The images were fairly ridiculous, and do not adhere to the rules of my usual wakeful carryover issues. I dreamt that I gave birth to another son, unexpectedly, only to find out that my husband had known I was pregnant all along. It wasn't so much a lack of excitement that I had in the dream, as just a total state of unpreparedness. Then I couldn't remember the name we chose for him, which was causing some trouble on the occasions when I remembered to tell people he'd been born (which was not going all).

Compounding the issue in slumberland was the fact that we had sold our current house and purchased the house we lived in before this one. There was some angst as my husband tried to convince me that the reasons we wanted to move out of that house to begin with, all those years ago, were just small stuff to not be aggravated about. I had one bright moment when I remembered the nice front window we had gotten installed before putting that house on the market. That joy was fleeting however, as I was trying to relay the bundle of joy news on a phone with a very short cord.

I have no interest in paying $4.95 per minute to have this dream analyzed. I was sort of hoping if I just "put it on paper"/computer screen, I could let it go. I also thought maybe some of you might have some (amusing) ideas for where this came from...aside from my possible quest to blame my husband for absolutely ridiculous things, including keeping too many thoughts to himself.

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