Friday, February 18, 2011

Just another day after all

I am sure no cards were sent because people were unsure which salutation to go with, as I realized earlier today that it is either my blogiversary, or is my blog's birthday. That put some pressure on me, as I thought I should have something truly fascinating to share with my tens of followers. Then I realized that events of epic proportions would go against the grain of the rest of my posts.

It is interesting to look back at the topics that sent me running for the computer. There were crimes against candy (and lemon meringue pies), hard fought bird battles, dangerous eyebrow maintenance, anti-Food Network performances, bad hair, poor wardrobe selections, some general moodiness, and occasional lack of enthusiasm. I have realized, more than ever before, that these three "children" I live with can be an endless source of entertainment when I am willing to look a little beneath the surface for the is usually there somewhere.

I have already seen the candy dish reduced to the icky colors, and I am not really looking forward to the revenge of the barn swallows (I must admit to being curious as to what ill attempts "we" will make to fight back this year). I do not anticipate being any better prepared, or glamorous, in my canning endeavors this summer. One improvement I am committed to this year, is getting new prescription sunglasses, so that I do not have to startle the children again by walking in the door like this...
I don't think it occurred to any of us that I could achieve a look worse than wearing my grandmother's post-cataract surgery shades over my own glasses. What seemed like a gloomy day was still tough on dilated pupils.

Thanks for joining me! I hope you've had a smile or two so far.

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