Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It sure feels like February

Even without checking my calendar, I can tell that it must be mid-February. It's not just the chill in the air that gives it away, but rather that distinct whiff of apathy that clogs my sinuses every year right around now. I actually do feel some sinus pressure brewing...bonus! While I managed to hustle the rest of the family out the door almost three hours ago, I have yet to even shower.

Of course there is a good reason why I am still in my pajamas. I might exercise. If so, I might as well wait to take a shower. I considered showering and putting on exercise worthy clothing, just in case my elliptical made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Then I might run the risk of showering twice, which I do realize is better than not at all. If I decide to accept the fact that I am not interested in exercising, which fabulous selections from my closet scream supermarket and post office? It doesn't matter, because once I bundle up like Nanook of the North, nobody will notice (and who was going to care to begin with, as it was realized two weeks ago that the frozen food guy talks to all of us ladies like we're special). All of this conflict, so many options, so little appeal or interest.

How about that book that I'm almost finished reading? Surely finishing that would provide some sense of satisfaction. However, I am afraid that I will fall asleep reading and wake up in an even less glorious and ambitious mood. I probably need chocolate, or a cookie...or both. I'll switch around the laundry, as that seems like progress. Maybe the trip up the stairs to get the dirty clothes counts as exercise in the Underachiever Handbook. Of course the route to the laundry cave passes thru the kitchen, where a large variety of treats are laying about. Then I will also be dangerously close to the place where a diversity of on demand exercise gurus want to help me make my day fabulous. Laundry...cookie...water...exercise...

Plan hatched...still uninterested...but uninterested with a plan!

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