Thursday, March 11, 2010


I used to feel a bit inadequate in the fitness department because I was not a jogger/runner/jostling body type. Then I decided that I was ok with just being able to carry full laundry bags up and down the stairs without getting winded. (Note: I have been an underachiever since way back........find my school guidance counselors, they'll tell you!)

Now it seems every time I go on Facebook, another friend has signed up for this year's Iron Girl. I did not get the memo that this was to be the next "phase"of our lives..."Mothers of ten year olds must go the distance!" Oh no! Even if I started with baby steps and did manage to haul myself onto the elliptical EVERY day, it would appear that I hadn't done much in comparison. It would be ridiculous for me to take these women's goals as threats to my own physical fitness! I know that sane people would only sign up for such a thing for themselves and for their own personal satisfaction, (as opposed to just trying to make couch potatoes look bad). But it still drives me crazy, and the reasons why don't make me look like any less of a lunatic...

Number one: I wish I WANTED to do it! I wish I could fashion a goal for myself and then muster up the strength and grit to do it.

Number two: I wish I thought I COULD do it! It seems that the physical strength pales in comparison to the mental game of it all.

At dinner last night, our cousin was mentioning how he was realizing he wasn't a swimmer and that would pose a problem at the triathalon he signed up for. WHAT?!?!?! I have to agonize before I sign up for a 2 hour workshop, and some people have the capacity to register willy-nilly for a TRIATHALON?!?! He got the idea from our other it's a family requirement now as well?! Great!

Is there a parallel in the cooking world that I could partake in? Some sort of a bake 2 cheesecakes and frost 100 cookies while a roast marinates and cooks. My domestic chore olympiad training is running at full steam! Phew!

One of the posts I read indicated that the Iron Girl event was almost filled up...hallelujah!! Later, I read two posts that the ten year old daughters of said Iron gals were signed up for their first Iron (little?) Girls. Then my eyeballs fell out...(and my pants button popped)! My husband just got of the elliptical....grrrrr...I need a cookie!


  1. It's not just you. My thoughts exactly - its hard enough just to get it together enough to take the dog for a walk everyday!

  2. I am absolutely going to sign up for that cooking diathalon! Right after my nap:)