Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter is coming...dust bunnies unite!

My mother and I have been trying to figure out which of us should host Easter this year, and incase I win (or lose--depends how I feel at the moment), I want things to look nice. I asked her to stop by yesterday to give an opinion on some changes to decor I was trying to make around our house. I say trying, because one of the rooms in question was full of furniture all too heavy for me to move very far. I thought it would be lighter if I emptied all drawers/shelves, but no such luck, so I kind of rearranged things-part way while I waited for the Man of Steel to get home.

So, Mom stopped by, and our walk-thru went kind of like this..."How do you think that chair looks? Well, I mean if the file cabinet wasn't blocking the doorway and the foot of general crap wasn't on the floor." And, "How does that shower curtain look? You know if the sink was clean and the kids didn't have their jammies strewn about?" Or, "How about if I move those shelves in the living room to a different wall? Um, right after I take care of the displaced rocking chair from an earlier project. Oops, and don't look into the dining room because I have some things to pick up there!"

The look on her face was priceless by the end of the tour, as it was not her best poker face. I'm pretty sure her internal dialogue was something like this..."What I don't like is where you've chosen to put all of the dust. Do you not own a tool with which to clean your kitchen floor? Maybe you should plan on having Thanksgiving as it might take you that long to clean up this place!" And last, but not least..."Thank God you and your resulting clutter aren't junking up my house anymore!"

I am on my way to her house now, and you can be sure that I am going to pack up a few dust bunnies to fling on her floor when she's not looking. Maybe I'll bring some of our laundry to liven up the bathroom floor...better yet, I'll just put it in her hamper and hope she doesn't notice it...until it's clean!


  1. I'm speechless as I thought no such things. You grew up in my house, do you not remember all my clutter? It is now in you old room hiding in closets, etc.

  2. Hi, Andrea. Baxter sent me here.

    Unlike Amanda, who does keep a very clean house, IMHO, I, her mother, am always embarrassed by both clutter and dust/dirt/cobwebs in my home. And I live alone!!! So with a busy family, I think you're right about on target.

    Besides, even your mother thinks you're too hard on yourself!