Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chicken soup?

Oh yuck!!! You know those times when you just feel it coming...the cold? First, I almost fell asleep at my kindergarten volunteer post (but I thought maybe it was just trying to coax letter names out of the fourth victim of the day). Next comes the realization that your throat is a bit scratchy. Then you reach to pick something up and all of the bricks in your head shift forward-very quickly...ugh! But the most painful part is realizing that it's 3:00 in the afternoon and phase 4 of the day is only 30 minutes away!!

Would it be wrong to send the 9 year old to pick up the 12 year old? They might be more alert than me! Can I call in sick to dinner (more like the preparation of)? Perhaps not, but at least I can make chicken soup! In the meantime, it is "feed a cold", correct? I'm pretty sure if I start feeding it now, I can ward off illness completely. I don't want to make the germs angry by waiting until dinner to feed them.

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