Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well there I was at 7:00 am all set to devote an entire day to my "to-do" list. I have Fridays off, but had spent the last three either fleeing the scene of my messy house, or entertaining children. I started crossing things off the list before the kids even left for school. I was dismayed to not have written "clean bedrooms" on my list, as that seemed to really eat up a chunk of the morning...time spent with nothing to cross off when finished...I hate that! There are no parades, no slap on the back, for a job completed (well done or not)-just the thrill of getting to scribble out whatever's been accomplished.

At 12:09 pm the phone rang. My friend was letting me know that she was free. She was just going to run to the grocery store. Wait a minute...I see grocery store on my list--hot diggity! She arrived 6 minutes later to pick me up. We were headed to a Wegmans less than four miles from our usual Wegmans, and the anticipation was mounting!

I should mention here that my friend tore some ligaments in her leg, and just zumba'd thru the pain for about a she has a cast up to her knee, and crutches, waiting to see what kind of healing she can accomplish. (The walking cast didn't do much, but her strife is a tale for another time...and, in my opinion, probably her own blog!)

Last week we went to WalMart, and she used one of their motorized scooters. I was in for a bigger treat that day though, as she flung her newly borrowed "knee scooter" out of the van. Four wheels, two brakes, handle bars, and a padded knee rest. What could I say, other than "Oh my! Are you sure you don't want to just go with one of the scooters they have here?" I guess I was just envious of her kick-ass wheels, and that she was going to have all of the fun...comments, and odd looks too!

I reacted to this change of grocery stores as if I'd been let out of somewhere on a day pass (I guess in a sense I had). This place was awesome! We were so impressed by the set up, and how the foods were displayed! We were buying things because they were easier to see, and more appealing (better lighting). Our store has a lot of lean over and rummage style cooler cases, but this store went the extra mile and put things on shelves. The freezer section was all cases with doors--bright shiny and clean. Sparkly food! What was wrong with us? Maybe going to the grocery store as an outing just feels better with a friend and instead of as a chore. I was buying things I've never even bought because, well, I don't know...I could see them better, and she was buying them! I hope my family likes pierogies--heck I hope I like pierogies.

It was in the frozen food section that a woman gave my friend a look that I would have thought better used when seeing a three-legged dog...a little too much pity for a cast (and a kick-ass scooter)! It took a lot of restraint to keep me from saying "Really? Are you sure THAT is the face you intended to make?" Most of the other people we passed (especially men) regarded her, or at least the scooter, as some kind of marvel. They felt a need to comment on the great idea. We think they were under the impression her husband whipped this little contraption up, and were jealous they didn't think of it themselves. When I almost closed a freezer door on her arm, she told me I wasn't very nice to the handicapped...I told her she wasn't very handicapped.

We enjoyed the store so much we had lunch there, and then wandered thru produce again!

My parcels and I were delivered home at 2:30, ready to get back to work (and with something crossed off the list)! A good friend knows that even if you claim you are going to do housework ALL day, at some point, you need to be rescued!

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  1. Definitely needed more shots of the scooter, a few shots of the overall amazement from the crowd would be nice too. Is there a strategy to the fonts? They seem to get smaller as the posts get older or are you trying something out. I figured out that blogspot doesn't let you use FB to follow this so there goes that idea from Saturday.

    Thanks for including me