Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beyond chicken soup...way beyond.

OK, so I was laying on the couch (finally), when I heard the cries coming from the snack shack (pantry). Oh, I recognized the voices as belonging to the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Clouds (complete with pecans AND caramel) whom I had been ignoring. They would not SHUT UP!!! The germs trying to invade my body heard them too, and it was all over. The germs were all like "get us one of those and we'll leave, we promise!" I had no choice but to open the door. There they were on the top shelf. I was on a covert mission, as our son was sitting at the computer right next to the shack. I managed to rip the protective seal, undetected. Clouds...that makes them sound lite and airy...almost free of calories and fat!! Many times when I am about to indulge, I like to check things like serving size, calories, etc. Next comes the rationalization portion of the program...well a serving size was two "clouds", and I was only going to have one--just 95 calories--they're probably part of Nutri-system! Then I took a bite, and quickly checked...OK there are only 6 servings in the container, so if I had to eat them all, it would only be 1140 calories...phew! I always like to know the worst case scenario! I did stop at the one, but the others winked at me as if to say "you'll be back!" I just hope the next voice I hear is from the orange resting in the produce drawer!!

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