Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Snackity random

Earlier today I had an idea for a post. This is not that post. I got distracted by snacks! 

Wait! This is not my usual snack...
...it is not even the right color. Sorry Hershey's, you know I have feelings for you, but not the right flavor either. Look at this heart that was in my daily handful of peanut m&m's today...
...sure, it is a little imperfect, but that's love, isn't it? These are on my kitchen counter right now, and they have even more friends with them...
...they are leftovers my husband brought home from work. They are taunting me and do not want to hear about how many cookies I ate before they arrived. I don't know if donuts freeze well, but I am hoping their screams will not be audible from in there! I guess food really is love...
...especially when it looks like poop? That ought to kill any cravings for a snack, and if it doesn't, try these...
...why are these words together on these packages????
I can only imagine where that person is running to after eating that!


  1. WTH? I had no idea that those bars had meat in them....did I??? :/

  2. Mango jalapeno? Ugh. Thanks I'll take the cookies and candies over those Krave bars any day.

  3. funny stuff. I like how your mind works. Crazy

  4. Oh my. This post started out nicely. I was getting into a sweet mood. But then it descended rapidly into a wacky world of fruit-meat hell. With quinoa! Welp, that fixed my kraving for sweets. It worked out quite well. :)

  5. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !