Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Random time warp

Oh excuse me, did a month fly by? I guess I was busy doing holiday things, but that does not mean I wasn't thinking about all (both?) of you readers (Hi Mom!). In fact, I keep running across photos I took for you...like this one of me, trying to decide if I needed to up my latke eating attire...

 (I definitely need to upgrade my background selections. Always, ALWAYS, pay attention to what is behind your photo subject.)

There were some gift ideas that I just could not make a decision on, so for my cat-loving friends, here are a couple of options that I photographed instead of actually purchasing for you...
(It is the thought that counts, right?)
 (I don't even know what to think though!)

I wanted to share these cookies with you...
No, I did not make those. If I had, using that color palette that my friend did with such tasteful fashion, it would have looked like a terrible zebra and skunk battle scene. Mmmmm...cookies!

But now it is time to put another holiday season behind us...
I guess I wanted to show you the moment where I finally had to get that tree out of here by whatever impractical means necessary - which reminds me that I saved this gem...
This is my cousin "taking down" his family's tree. His wife was kind enough to share this on facebook, and it makes me smile every time I see it!

Now I can finally throw out this piece of wrapping paper I have been saving to share with you...
What a practical idea to have such information printed on the inside of wrapping paper. It really slowed down my ripping and tearing. I have a full commentary for every single one of the items on this list, but that would just slow us down! So just turn on some lights and take your socks off, for crying out loud! Let's be careful out there.

Last, and maybe least, I can finally throw out this ad. You know I love you Wegman's, but this "deal" is giving me some doubts about our relationship.
"Less that $1 per bar"? Wow! So how many bars do I get for $11.99? 12? Why that's just .99916667 per bar!!

I hope absence made your heart grow fonder?


  1. totally cracking up. Glad to see you back active on my blog feed. Hope you had a super good holiday, and now kicking it in 2018. Enjoy!

  2. That wrapping paper is genius. I get a present AND learn something new. I've missed you.

  3. I just can't even....where do you find such things? Is upstate New York that much more interesting than Central Alabama (don't answer that....I'm being rhetorical) So are we progressing from creepy monkeys to creepy drunken cats now? The cats are far worse IMHO.

    SO SO HAPPY to see you blogging again. I need my doses of fun on your blog.

    Ricki Jill

  4. I'm glad you said something about your choice of backgrounds cause I was chuckling. Helpful hints on the back of wrapping paper? lol Things that make you go 'hmmmm'. Wouldn't it have been faster for your cousin to just take the tree out of the house instead of lopping off the branches?

  5. Hello! And happy new-ish year! It's still new, right? Not in the clearance bin just yet. That's great wrapping paper. I'd wrap all my gifts inside out. And oh Lordy, the salt-peppa cat is freeeeeeaaaky! I would take anything that one's offering, just saying.

  6. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !