Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Freeing up storage space!

There is a chance, albeit a very small chance, that with this post I will have finally shared all of the nonsensical important photos from my phone. I don't even see any random scraps of paper moving from one part of my desk to another. Let me tell you what piece of paper I wish I did have...
 ...perhaps an autograph from Number Two? I should have approached to tell him how fantastic he looks-aging so well! 

I was so caught up in the pet wash station that I forgot to share this other photo from JFK Airport...
I have been seriously neglecting my eyewear. What on earth has happened to the traveler whose specs are so filthy that they require a $3 wash? And watch washing? Is that a thing?

Not to interrupt your ponderings about how poorly you have been caring for your belongings, but have you considered how ashes are best taken care of?
Suitable for all kinds of ashes? Asses for ashes? Or is that a mule? Minor detail at this point.

Speaking of details, don't let the fine print on the toilet escape you...
What the fresh hell are these?!?!?! More important-WHY?!?!?!

Maybe I need to look for something more my style...
...but not here!


  1. I thought the patch guy was Randy Quaid at first glance.
    Also, the fact that Hobby Lobby has a dedicated antler section makes me never want to shop there again.

  2. I have enough trouble with antler decor since my husband hunts. All antlers are banned to the garage and only his parking side.
    As for washing watches, sounds like that was set up by the watch kiosk nearby. One way to perk up sales.
    And what-the-fresh hell........great saying

  3. I'm with you! What ARE those things?! And who could ever do anything with those eyes staring at you anyway?!

  4. Where in the Sam Hill did you find those...things? Did that toilet really say 'You R Next'?????

  5. Did you ask what they are????? Enquiring minds want to know. It looks like Southern Lawn Jockeys taking refuge in pots.....

  6. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely,i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.