Friday, January 19, 2018


I was looking at my list of postings and their corresponding dates. I realized the serious drop-off occurred after a certain someone left us. He always did claim to be the one to keep this thing on track. I have to admit that this photo...
provided enough amusement to get me typing sometimes just so I could share it. (File me under "easily amused") I figured these pictures my mom sent me from JFK airport were appropriate to have here.
 This is much fancier than our guest bathroom.
(Yep, still finding things around here waiting to be shared. Thank you for your patience and indulgence!)


  1. Hey - RIP Foz. But keep up with your blog. It's funny as hell.

  2. I do miss Foz as I know you all do.
    But like the Joanne said above, don't stop blogging.
    Foz wouldn't want you to.

  3. That is great because of al the service animals. I miss Foz, too. He always made me smile! You need to adopt another fur baby.

  4. OMG I hadn't heard about Foz!!! I AM SO SO SORRY! I must've missed your blog post about it. Ugh. I'm devastated. :'(

  5. You don't have to file that picture of Foz away. He will always be part of this blog. As for JFK, it's nice that they have a pet station, but my dog needs a lot of real estate and fresh grass and dirt to get things moving.

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